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Laws That Are Illegal That Should Be Legal

Okay, if you`re a decent person, I hope I don`t do it too often, but we`ve all dropped the straw shell or the occasional apple kernel and left it lying around. It`s not that we felt good about it, there just wasn`t another place to put it. When was the last time you exceeded the speed limit? While it`s technically illegal to exceed the speed indicated on these signs, it would be hard to find someone who isn`t consistently driving faster than they should. Unless they are. In some places, it is also illegal to expose your dog to the dangers of smoking. In Illinois, for example, it`s illegal to give your pets hot cigars — even if they enjoy a good Cuban from time to time. If you`re staying in Normal, Oklahoma, you should refrain from teasing dogs with grimaces. You guessed it, this kind of inflammatory behavior is against the law. Almost every state requires you to register your dog to show that he is up to date on his rabies vaccinations. The United States Code contains general and permanent federal laws. Not included are regulations, decisions or laws of: Hunting protected species for trophies? Bad. Find a bird feather during a hike and keep it as a souvenir? It turns out, too, bad.

If it comes from a federally protected species such as a bald eagle and you are not a member of a Native American tribe, possession of a natural eagle feather can get you fined $5,000 or a year in jail for a first offence. Of course, it is necessary to protect endangered species and native interests, but it would be nice if collecting fallen feathers did not put you in the same category as the dentist with the lion trophy. While much of the country gnaws at pot brownies, the debate over marijuana laws continues. However, the dispute over health issues seems to be giving way to discussions about regulation. Currently, 23 states and the District of Columbia allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes, 20 states have passed laws decriminalizing small amounts of possession, and four states (Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska) and the District of Columbia have passed laws allowing recreational use of the drug. Well, making a meme with media that is not in the public domain. This is most of the material you`re likely to see in memes, like images of movies and celebrities. But while using copyrighted images can cause you potential legal problems, the “fair dealing” rule can probably deter you. Beyond copyright, you can also be sued by the topic of the meme – if it`s a really nasty meme. Most states require you to notify your department of motor vehicles that you have moved, and some are stricter than others. But if you`re moving to a new state, is that really the first thing to worry about? Probably not until a year or two later, if you`re punished for it.

You drive along a wide open road in the middle of the night when you arrive at a red light. You wait, and wait and wait, and it`s always red. After about a minute, you should probably get a ticket if you don`t just drive and continue your ride. Pigeons can be boring — but in North Dakota, you need permission to eradicate one. State law states that “no person, company or entity may exterminate pigeons or other harmful wild birds without first obtaining approval from the Fargo Ministry of Health.” As states pass their own laws, marijuana continues to be classified as a Schedule I hazardous substance at the federal level. This makes the distribution and sale of marijuana a federal offence. Under federal law, possession of marijuana can result in up to one year in prison and a minimum penalty of $1,000 for a first offence. The distribution of a small amount without compensation is treated as property.

Jefferson, Missouri has a strict stance on garage sales. It is illegal to have more than two in a given place in a year. And a flea market should not last more than three days and should take place in certain hours. Thirty-three states have laws that allow local governments to ban the sale of alcohol — and sometimes consumption and possession. Three states, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, are completely dry; The counties in each state must allow the sale of alcohol for it to be legal. Alcohol researcher David J. Hanson, professor emeritus of sociology at the State University of New York at Potsdam, estimates that counties and arid communities make up 10 percent of the United States. In Vermont, it is illegal to ban clotheslines. The law prohibits regulations that prohibit “clotheslines or other energy devices based on renewable resources.” Motorcycle legislation (some include mopeds and bicycles) for driving expired red lights, known as the “dead red” or “safety on red” law, can vary somewhat in each of the 16 states that allow it. In states with time limits, you will have to wait between 45 seconds and 3 minutes. Other states require that you have waited an “unreasonable” time, wait until it is safe, or wait for a light cycle or two. All of this seems reasonable for a single car at an abandoned red light.

Visit the Congressional Law Library to research U.S. laws, bylaws, and public laws. You thought you could make a few bucks with your parent`s old wooden leg? Don`t be so sure. In Delaware, it is illegal for a pawnshop to “take or receive an artificial limb or wheelchair as security or security.” Chances are any parent with one or two screaming kids strapped into a car seat would pay a hefty premium for the convenience of not having to lug two kids to the grocery store to enjoy the glass of Pinot after the kids finally fall asleep. Is the temptation to open a bottle of alcohol while driving less if you bought it at the supermarket? Pay attention to your language in Maryland. In Rockville, it is illegal to “curse and curse rudely or use obscene language on or near any street, sidewalk or highway while hearing people passing such a road, sidewalk or highway.” If you own a dog, be careful not to break the many laws that affect your four-legged friend. If you`re planning a short trip to Hartford, Connecticut, remember to keep your dog`s obedience training a secret. It is illegal to train dogs in this city. While it`s legal in many states, some don`t allow it — few people follow the law when they`re in a hurry and there`s no oncoming traffic.

You`ve probably treated it like a stop sign: stop, look in both directions, and then move on. As long as you didn`t do these illegal things in front of a police car, it was probably fine. Although laws change quickly from state to state, you`re still more likely to break the law when you turn on than when you don`t. According to a 2017 poll by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, a majority of Americans reported trying marijuana “at some point in their lives.” Forty-four percent of Americans say they currently use weed. States are primarily responsible for many environmental programmes. And some environmental laws and regulations apply to tribal government operations. If you enjoy writing genre fiction or blog posts that could unsettle readers, you could potentially be breaking the laws of some states that prohibit writing “disturbing material.” An Oklahoma high school student discovered this when he wrote a not-so-wise short story on his school computer that put him in hot water. “Happy Birthday to You” is the most famous song in English, according to Guinness World Records, but until 2016 it was illegal for you to sing it (at least sing on a recording or movie). The song`s authors, Mildred and Patty Hill, had copyrighted it and its use continued until a decision two years ago determined the song was in the public domain. They do not play with moose in Alaska. When a hunter takes a moose, parts of the animal – including the head, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and skin – are required by law to be saved “for human use.” One way to learn about federal laws and regulations is through the federal agencies responsible for administering them.

In the following list, you will find links to agency pages on popular legal topics. When there is no federal law, websites offer compilations of state laws on a topic. This one is a bit more serious than most illegal things on the list so far, as it can actually kill people. But many of us still got into the habit of checking our texts or chatting on the phone while driving. Thanks to Werner Herzog and other public service news, we finally put the phone away, but the bad habit remains. Sure, this smacks of laziness, but shouldn`t it be acceptable to throw away bulk mail addressed to the previous tenant? Is it absolutely necessary for the catalogue of overpriced wine and cheese baskets to reach its final destination? However, not all the old laws aimed at women were aimed at preserving their virtue. Some appear to have been developed to promote domestic hygiene and public safety. For example, Pittsburgh has a special cleaning ordinance that prohibits housewives from hiding dirt under their carpets.

And in Memphis, Tennessee, women can`t drive unless there`s a man with a red flag in front of the car warning other people on the road. Mississippi has already passed a law stating that anyone who has ever had an illegitimate child and becomes the parent of an illegitimate child again in the state is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by fines, imprisonment, or both. As with the “Midnight Red”, sometimes you just have to go in the opposite direction to where you came from, and there aren`t many ways to do that.