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Larimer County Legal Forms

8) United States District Court for the District of Colorado This website contains general civil, criminal, and administrative forms. 6) Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Links to forms from various Colorado regulators (e.g., Banking Division, Civil Rights Division, Financial Services Division, Insurance Division, Real Estate Division, Registration Division, Securities Division, etc.) For legal issues and more complex business transactions, a form document may not be sufficient and you should consult a licensed attorney. PHONE: (970) 498-7000 EMAIL: info(AT)larimer.org Departments and offices | Location of facilities PLEASE NOTE: If you are unrepresented (per se), do not have a prisoner and have a civil case, you can contact the Pro Se Federal Clinic for free and limited legal assistance. Call the Federal Pro Se Clinic at 303-380-8786 or fill out an online intake form at www.cobar.org/fpsc. The clinic cannot help you with prison, crime or bankruptcy cases or appeals. 4. Be careful when filling out a form. If you`re trying to cut the language of different forms and paste it into a document, make sure everything is always meaningful and consistent. 1) Westminster Law Library Links Useful links to Colorado, federal and tax forms. 11) U.S.

Courts – Forms Library Search Federal Court Forms by Form Number or Category/Subject. 10) Federal Forms Catalogue Search for federal forms by federal agency, form number, form name or keyword. The Larimer County Access to Justice Committee has compiled a list of low-income prosecutors. Lawyers on the list are willing to take on discounted cases for clients who earn too much to qualify for pro bono legal services, but don`t make enough money to pay regular prices. Whether a client is considered a “modest means” is decided by the individual lawyer. Each lawyer also sets the reduced rate. Click below for a list of lawyers specializing in small funds. 14) U.S. Internal Revenue Service – Tax Forms Federal Tax Forms and Instructions. 8. Be careful not to participate in the exercise of the law without authorization.

According to CS Exc 12-5-101, only licensed lawyers may practise as lawyers. Filling out legal forms for others may be considered an unauthorized exercise of rights. Further information on the unauthorized practice of the lawyer can be found here. 2) LLRX.com search or search for state and federal forms. There are many websites with legal forms nowadays. Be careful when choosing and using legal forms that you find online. In general, the most reliable sources are the forms that you can find on official local, state, or federal websites. 1. Don`t use any form you find. It can be difficult to find quality forms online for free. 4) U.S. Legal Forms A variety of state and federal legal forms.

However, government websites do not include all the forms they are looking for (e.g., leases, purchase agreements, waivers, estate planning documents, etc.). While some are available for free, users often have to go to a local public or legal library to find books and textbooks on legal forms, or turn to paid sites (sites where you have to pay to download any form you want to use). 7) Colorado Judicial Branch Forms This website offers a wide range of forms on a range of topics and is a good starting point for Colorado-specific forms. The forms are also available in Spanish. 12) U.S. Copyright Forms Links to PDF forms to apply for copyright protection. 1) Nolo Legal forms Legal forms for wills, trusts, estates, divorce and family law, commercial law, patents, trademarks and copyright. When choosing an online legal form, there are a few things to keep in mind below: 15) Colorado Department of Revenue Tax Forms Colorado State Tax Forms and Instructions. Before filing legal documents, take the time to familiarize yourself with the remedies available in your local court. Most courts now offer at least some documents and forms to help you understand and manage your custody case. Even if you`re considering working with a lawyer, it`s wise to do some research before passing the baton. If you are ready to find a lawyer, the following resources can help you find a duty lawyer in your area.

2. Choose forms that come from trusted sources: government agencies, trusted legal form companies, organizations and institutions that specialize in providing support in a particular area of law. 6. Note that some forms and legal documents require notarized signatures. For a notary near you, click here. 2) Bradford Legal Forms Many forms specific to Colorado. 3. Read each form you want to use carefully and if you have any questions about it, consult a lawyer.

3) LexisONE Select the “Forms” tab to access free and paid forms. Browse and search for forms by topic or jurisdiction. 9) Bankruptcy Forms This website contains forms for the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Colorado. 7. Keep a copy of all signed legal documents in a safe place. 5) Findlaw – Colorado forms Links to many Colorado-specific legal forms. 13) U.S. Immigration Forms Links to PDF version of U.S. immigration forms. That`s where YOU come in. We need the help of lawyers who are familiar with or want to know this area of the law.

Lawyers play an invaluable role in these cases. Often, lawyers are able to advise tenants and work with landlords to resolve disputes and obtain housing or negotiate a mutually acceptable departure plan that prevents the tenant from having an eviction on their credit report. Occasionally, these cases have to go to court, which can provide an excellent opportunity for volunteer lawyers to work on advocacy skills. Those who accept a case are covered by our professional liability insurance and can earn continuing education credits through the pro bono program. The CPLP can provide training and support for accepted cases. For more information on the CPLP, please visit www.copovertylawproject.org/ or contact Debbie Mayer at deborah@copovertylawproject.org. To access these databases, you need a library card with the respective library system. To make an appointment at Loveland Courts, contact the Court Recourt Center directly. 4) Eagle Valley Library District Legal Information Reference Center Larimer County Justice Center 201 La Porte AveSuite 100Ft. Collins, CO 80521 Welcome! On this page you will find the following information for Larimer County, Colorado: 3) Business Forms – Colorado Secretary of State Submit business documents to form and maintain various business units and obtain reputable certificates. 5.

Be consistent with names, dates, and locations. For example, if you type your name “John Smith” at the top of a form, be sure to sign the document as “John Smith” (even if you sometimes use a different name or nickname). Enter your location in the box below and we`ll find the best way to get there. If you can`t afford Larimer County District Court fees, see Colorado Judicial Branch fee waiver information. Please contact Cindi Hendrix for more information or to add your name to the list. Email: lcbaprobono@mail.com or call (970) 791-0837 (private cell for lawyers and staff only, please). We look forward to working with you. Thank you for your kind attention and consideration! Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except holidays. 1) Denver Public Library (listed under “Legal Forms (Gale)”) Gale Legal Forms Court Resource Center employees are neutral information providers and will provide the same services and information to all parties upon request in one case.

In any case, it`s best to seek help from your own lawyer, especially if your case raises important or complicated issues. 4) Colorado permit and license forms and documents to apply for certain permits and licenses.