Mindel Scott

Lakehead University Vaccine Requirements

All visitors using Lakehead Athletics facilities must follow Lakehead University`s mandatory vaccination guidelines and Ontario government guidelines. All users will be required to receive a single dose of vaccine starting September 7, according to Lakehead University guidelines, and two doses by September 22, in accordance with provincial requirements. Completed Lakehead University Employee Exemption Application Forms must be emailed to employeeCOVIDexemptions@lakeheadu.ca. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, “Researchers have been studying and working with mRNA vaccines for decades. mRNA vaccines have previously been studied for influenza, Zika virus, rabies and cytomegalovirus (CMV). Once the necessary information about the virus causing COVID-19 was available, scientists began designing the mRNA instructions for cells to incorporate the single spike protein into an mRNA vaccine. In addition, cancer research has used mRNA to trick the immune system into attacking certain cancer cells. Decades of mRNA research have shown no long-term side effects. Yes. All approved vaccines are safe. Health Canada is reviewing the safety and effectiveness of all COVID-19 vaccines and has determined, through rigorous testing, that all vaccines it approves are safe and effective in preventing serious consequences and deaths from COVID-19. Everyone entering our campuses must continue to follow Lakehead`s mandatory vaccination guidelines, take their daily COVID test before coming to campus, and continue to follow public health guidelines (e.g., hand washing, wearing masks, physical distancing).

At the end of this update, you will find the requirements to submit your vaccination status and daily screenings. “Vaccination” means vaccinated with a vaccine, and “vaccine” means a COVID-19 vaccine accepted by Health Canada and/or the World Health Organization (WHO). It`s likely you`ve heard allegations about these COVID-19 vaccines on social media or from people in your life who might make you hesitate to make an appointment. Make an informed decision about vaccination by ensuring that vaccine information comes from reliable, evidence-based sources. As you know, all Ontario universities have decided to maintain their respective mask and COVID-19 vaccination policies until at least the end of the winter semester, while the province recently lifted mask requirements at most institutions as of March 21. In order to meet the requirements of the respective program, the academic schedules of all students of the Faculty of Law and the professional years of the Faculty of Education will remain unchanged, with courses and internships resuming on January 4, 2021. All students in the Faculty of Education begin their semester on January 11. This policy does not replace or conflict with laws applicable to Lakehead University.

For the avoidance of doubt, where stricter vaccination and exemption requirements are required by law, those stricter provisions shall prevail over this Directive. While OHIP coverage was never required to get a COVID-19 vaccine at mass immunization clinics, some people without OHIP numbers were unable to book appointments at Ontario clinics because Ontario call centre agents requested one or because they needed an OHIP number to book an appointment through the Ontario Health Care Insurance portal. provincial line. If you received a partial or complete series of COVID-19 vaccines (e.g. 1st dose or both) outside of Ontario, you can register it with COVaxON, Ontario`s provincial COVID-19 vaccination registration system. However, only public health units can enter this information. Pharmacies and GP surgeries do not have the opportunity to do this. For international students who have questions about registering for online courses regarding their immigration status, please visit www.lakeheadu.ca/international/online-communitywww.lakeheadu.ca/international/online-community. This policy outlines mandatory vaccination requirements for individuals entering Lakehead University campus and complements existing and future control measures such as mandatory masks, physical distancing, personal hygiene practices, and ongoing cleaning and disinfection protocols.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to get vaccinated, Lakehead University offers all students, faculty and staff readily available vaccination clinics on our campuses and in our communities.