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These factors explain why 70% of senior UK law firm executives expect mergers and acquisitions in the legal sector to increase over the next 12 months, according to the latest HSBC Investment and Growth Strategies in Law Firms report. Rival PwC Legal offers around 16 apprenticeship contracts a year, while EY announced plans in November to hire its first eight apprentices. Legal Cheek understands from its spies that currently, the majority of KPMG`s legal rotations are advertised only in-house – and go to a mix of paralegals and existing employees who want to become lawyers. The accounting giant, which achieved Alternative Business Structure (ABS) status in 2014, aims to “nearly double” the size of its global legal services arm over the “next few years.” This would make KPMG, which already employs more than 1,500 lawyers in 67 jurisdictions, one of the largest law firms in the world. All of the Big Four entered the legal services market, with PwC becoming the first company to receive ABS status in January 2014. EY followed in December 2014, Deloitte joined the trio in June 2018. “We are no longer limited in how we plan to grow our legal services business and we can continue to build our capabilities to take advantage of market opportunities. From the client`s perspective, if you`re operating under the same regulatory principles as a traditional law firm, it`s helpful to bring the market aspect to what you do. This gives clients peace of mind that you are working on the same regulatory basis as any other lawyer. KPMG entered the legal market in October 2014 with 50 lawyers, including 4 partners, obtaining the status of Alternative Business Structure (ABS). This enables it to provide reserved legal services in the United Kingdom, namely rights of hearing, litigation, reserved instrument activities, probate activities and administration of the oath. News of KPMG`s plans comes amid EY`s acquisition of legal innovation firm Riverview Law.

With more than 2,100 lawyers in 82 countries, EY said the deal helped underscore its position “as a leading disruptor of legal services.” One year after obtaining the ABS license in 2014, EY launched an apprenticeship contract with no minimum training requirements. We believe that people are at the heart of great companies. Our teams of lawyers are at your disposal when and where you need them, motivated by the desire to do good work for you. We`d love to hear from you – so don`t hesitate to contact us if you have a question or challenge. Speaking to Legal Week (£), Nick Roome, head of KPMG`s UK legal department, said the ABS licence (first introduced in 2011 by the Legal Services Act 2007) had created a “level playing field”. Former DLA Piper lawyer continued: Accounting giant KPMG has announced plans to double the size of its UK legal arm over the next three years. We listened and understood that our value lies in our ability to be agile and develop a new approach. Our experienced teams appreciate the opportunity to improve existing practices and collaborate creatively to provide the best solution.

Your results are enhanced by the expertise of our legal technology team, who create ideas, time and cost savings so we can deliver more efficiently. We combine legal expertise with business knowledge and technological solutions. Susskind admits that Big Four bean counters have yet to “crack the legal market”, warns Susskind: “All bets. are disabled” when they interrupt audit services. Does anyone have any details on what they actually plan to pay? I work in an area of activity where I regularly need to work with external non-legal experts. I would have thought that all of this under one roof could be a good money turner for the Big Four. After reading the article, KPMG Law is an ABS and not an “in-house” firm, as lawyers serve external clients. An in-house lawyer would perform legal work directly for his or her employer. If the Big 4 approach legal transactions the same way they do for their audit practices, I`d be afraid to let them approach the driver`s seat of a deal. I highly doubt that a large company would choose not to get its legal advice from a large Magic Circle firm with specialized knowledge and decades of experience, only to get it from a large “one size fits all” firm that employs silver circle rejects dotted with brown. Your business operates in an increasingly complex, global and rapidly changing legal environment.

You are under pressure to get business results quickly, but with pressure on resources. And your stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers expect you to be firmly committed to diversity, inclusion and social mobility. Markets will increasingly judge your contribution and inform your success by referring to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda. The world is changing rapidly, and so is what you need from your legal counsel. Audit conflicts have been a big part of why their legal ambitions have never arisen, but I think culturally companies use this as an excuse for a much bigger problem, which is that their business model doesn`t lend itself well to MC-type legal issues. The Big Four`s assault on the legal services market is expected to continue, with KPMG unveiling an ambitious growth strategy that could increase the number of lawyers to more than 3,000. We help you meet your status quo needs with independent and experienced legal knowledge, economies of scale and outsourcing efficiency. KPMG, EY and PwC Legal all acquired their Alternative Business Structures (ABS) licenses in 2014, enabling them to provide legal services.

Since then, they have grown rapidly in this area, so many law firms in the city are watching nervously. Deloitte remains the only member of the Big Four who does not dare to make the leap to the British legal market. We recruit and train enterprising lawyers who look at challenges from your business perspective. We form diverse teams to give you access to the wider range of thinking that this entails. Then we take the time to listen and understand what it means to partner to bring you a better result faster. “The legal services market in the UK is growing and developing rapidly. Technology is disrupting the marketplace and clients are changing the way they buy legal services. As executives, in-house lawyers, and high-net-worth individuals face a variety of complex issues, there is real pressure for high-quality advice backed by cutting-edge technology and seamlessly integrated with other advisory services. This interconnected approach is a key principle that has shaped our vision for KPMG Law Firm and made our practice a critical part of KPMG`s future growth strategy. As for the rest of the Big Four, Legal Cheek`s list of top firms shows that PwC received ABS approval in 2014 and now offers around 25 training contracts per year, while Deloitte entered the legal services market for the first time earlier this summer. Legal teams assembled by mega-bean counter firms could shake up the law The report also found that the accounting firm had seen “increased demand” in its legal department, including key practice areas “corporate and commercial law, tax disputes, employment and immigration.” legalsolutions.thomsonreuters.co.uk/en/trends-insights/reports/small-and-medium-sized-law-firm-market-2021.html We provide legal support if you are faced with a new situation or crisis, whether due to a macroeconomic event or a more specific business scenario.