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This is the fifth time in seven years that JND has been named the best class action administrator in the United States by NLJ. JND has also been ranked in regional programs managed by ALM Media such as Best of the Midwest, Best of New York Law Journal, Best of New Jersey Law Journal and Best of Texas Lawyer for its outstanding litigation management and class action administration services. JND is regularly selected by lawyers on both sides of the aisle, as well as government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, to manage large, complex class action administrations, and is the settlement administrator for the $2.67 billion Blue Cross Blue Shield antitrust settlement and Equifax data breach settlement. The largest data breach settlement in history. among hundreds of other current affairs. SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JND Legal Administration (JND), the u.s. leader in legal administration services, has once again been named the nation`s #1 Class Action Administrator by the National Law Journal (NLJ) in its 11th annual “Best of” supplement. Having been placed in this award category three times in the past four years, JND has the added honor of being inducted into the NLJ Best of 2022 Hall of Fame. JND Legal Administration is the leading provider of legal services and settlement administration solutions in the United States. Founded by industry veterans Jennifer Keough, Neil Zola and David Isaac, the firm serves law firms for plaintiffs and defendants, global corporations and U.S. government agencies in five main service lines and has offices in California, Minnesota, New York and Washington. For more information, see www.JNDLA.com.

waive your right to sue or continue to sue defendants for claims in this case. Are you one of the companies concerned by the second blue offer? Check your eligibility. Submit a claim for expenses and/or time spent. You can claim out-of-pocket losses, time monitoring and credit services as part of the settlement, depending on whether you make claims during the initial or extended claim period. Founded in 2016 by Jennifer Keough, Neil Zola and David Isaac, JND was named the nation`s #1 Class Action Administrator by the National Law Journal in its first year of operation. The company now employs more than 300 people in four offices, including the main office and 35,000-square-foot operations center in Seattle. These rights and options – as well as the time limits for exercising them – are set out in the communication. Deadlines are subject to change, so please check this website for updates and more details. Rachel Billstein, JND Legal Administration Rachel.billstein@jndla.com To check the status of your claim (online claims only), click the button below. During the extended claim period, affected Class Members may request a cash refund. You may be entitled to the following cash payments for: Your identity and any information you provide when submitting your claim will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with the second amended Settlement Agreement. Everyone you interact with when you apply – whether online or over the phone – is specially trained to meet the needs of survivors and ensure you have a safe, private and compassionate place to tell your story.

The court gave final approval to the settlement and dismissed all objections on January 13, 2020. However, some opponents have now appealed the court`s decision to approve the settlement. By order of the court, the settlement cannot become final until the appeals of the other six objections have been disposed of. In this case, the court confirmed two classes of comparison – a class of damages and a class of omission. More information about these courses can be found in FAQ 7. If you have chosen the alternative option, you will need to submit relevant data or records that have a higher percentage of contribution. Otherwise, the default option is used. Instructions on how to submit your application can be found on the application form available here. If necessary, adequate documentation must include a signed certificate or face perjury if other documents are no longer available. Para consultar el aviso en español, haga clic aquí.

The court with jurisdiction in this case has not yet decided whether or not to approve the settlement. Payments are made when the court approves the settlement and after all appeals have been decided. Please be patient. “We are proud to have once again been selected by the readers of the National Law Journal as the nation`s leading management firm for world-class operations,” said Keough, CEO of JND. “We are grateful to our clients for continuing to trust us when it comes to their most complex matters.” 5. November 2021 (filed online or cancelled) (ADOPTED) In September 2017, Equifax announced that it had suffered a data breach that impacted the personal data of approximately 147 million people. A federal court has approved a class-action lawsuit that resolves lawsuits filed by consumers after the data breach. Equifax has denied any wrongdoing and no judgment or finding of wrongdoing has been rendered.

The settlement was finally approved by the court on January 13, 2020. You can view the final licence order and the final order and judgment by clicking here. JND is inducted into the National Law Journal Best of 2022 Hall of Fame Important update: The settlement received final court approval on February 26, 2020. You can view the final licence order and judgment here. Decisions on the allocation of Level 2 and Level 3 claims were announced on September 31. March 2021. You can view the plaintiffs` Notice of Filing and the claim for attorneys` fees and costs, as well as service rewards here. The Court of Appeal recently set out a timetable for notification of the appeal to take place in September and October. Unfortunately, we do not know how long it will take the Court of Appeal to rule on pending appeals. We will release additional updates as they become available.

To receive payment, you must submit an application by November 5, 2021. The final approval hearing has taken place. The settlement is still pending. Check this site for updates. To access the full online edition of the National Law Journal`s Best of 2022 survey, click here. JND Legal Administration est reconnue pour l’excellence de l’administration des recours collectifs. erneut #1 in den USA vom National Law Journal genannt. JND Legal Administration gewinnt Best Class Action Claims Administrator of 2022 und wird in the National Law Journal Hall of Fame aufgenommen (Photo: Business Wire).