Mindel Scott

Is Hyperfund Legal in Us

I`ve done enough research to say that Hyperfund is a potential scam and Ponzi scheme. Even if I leave my research aside, let me say some normal facts. finance.yahoo.com/news/hypertech-group-announces-launch-hyperfund-080000378.html Chances are they lied when they said she was a registered broker. I know it`s a total shock that they`re lying about something like this, especially since it`s a completely legal and legitimate business (cough, cough). Wow, you have elegantly demonstrated why many adults should not be allowed to make decisions for themselves, ignoring all facts and reality and replacing them with a childish worldview that is disconnected from reality – and nothing short of highly illegal. Their website is “THEHYPERFUND.COM” and they seem to “impersonate the registered company called Hyperfund, based in the US with offices in Silicon Valley, Palm Beach and Miami (a legal term). You know what? Do they magically become legal after depositing money? My question is: If Hyperfund is illegal and the authorities know it, why didn`t they shut it down? Why are these companies still in operation? Of course, the FCA would have shut it down very easily? We invested $20,000 in Hyperfund because some very good, well-known business friends were in front of us. In just over 8 months, we withdrew about $12,000 in profits. The deal seemed good and legal to us as the company made its profits through crypto exchanges and other crypto fees from its own crypto banks, etc. Time will tell that we will see the remaining $8,000 we still need to break even. At the moment, with the June 2022 crypto crash, we can`t take anything out at all – but the same goes for many other crypto assets, so it`s too early for me to call it a scam and I never invest more than I can afford to lose. Withdrawals should not be made via HyperPay. HU is equal to USD, so how can you say that HU is worthless.

You convert HU to MOF in Hyperfund and subtract MOF from an exchange. Drug traffickers also make a profit. Does this mean that we should agree with their illegal activities? Profit does not guarantee legality. However, I will say that Hyperfund is interesting and the returns are exciting, but again, a lot of risky investments are exciting when you win. And a lot of illegal stuff seems exciting until you get caught and lose. Nevertheless, Ponzi schemes are completely illegal (electronic fraud). What if they don`t need to register? What if there are details you`re missing that make it legal in the United States? He shouts the pyramid of Pozni because that`s what it is. The returns and payouts are so astronomical that they are logically unsustainable unless they own a money printer and can end world hunger and dependence on fossil fuels – but they prefer to illegally mine an unregistered MLM instead. I bet if Hyperfund collapsed today and Ryan Xu launched another scam called hyperPONZI tomorrow, people would probably join anyway.

This means that Xu and his hyper-corporations are committing securities fraud in the United States. The promotion of unregistered securities by U.S. citizens is also illegal. Ponzi schemes are not “legitimate”, they are illegal fraudulent scams. I have a $300 “subscription” in about a year and I`m thinking about sharing, but when I`m reading this, I`m not sure I want to. You are talking about money printing machines. This is exactly what the Fed does with the fiat money system, which is a legal Ponzi scheme. So no big difference.

We are told to have faith, to get to the point where the is so thick, no one can enter Hyperfund.com these days and that will lead you to NFUND.com. They recently changed their website to avoid logging into Thehyperfund.com. I know someone who is trying to file legal documents about them, but I can`t find them to do so! HyperFund is not licensed to provide financial services in New Zealand and is therefore highly likely to operate illegally. Most Hyperfund information online is ambivalent or contradictory, but your insight gave me the clarity I needed to stay away! The only legally acceptable verifiable evidence of external revenue would be audited financial statements. These don`t exist because HyperFund is a Ponzi scheme. This is an illegal scam, why would a reasonable honest person throw money into it? I recently put some money into Hyperfund (which I could afford to lose) and just wanted to see where it took me. I`ve been with Hyper for over a year and got way more than my initial deposit. My question is: how can the banks do it legally and nothing is said, but what they cannot regulate exactly must be fraud? This article is 100% trash, I like to be rewarded what was promised! Thus, Hyperfund is not only illegal, but illegal in litanical terms and has received warnings from several countries as such. I`ve never thought of it that way, so maybe we shouldn`t worry too much about our investments, but just give our money to questionable people who like to run illegal programs. The main difference is that if it falls, you lose all your money.

Keep in mind that our entire MetaVerse we have two channels, one of which is the HyperVerse member community and the other is the HyperVerse ecosystem, which are legally separate. I hope you realize that you need to get out before it inevitably collapses, and hope you haven`t recruited other people for a patently illegal company instead – they choose to work illegally and ignore being banned in several countries. I`ve covered HyperFund`s operating system compliance video here – behindmlm.com/companies/hyperfund-appoints-compliance-officer-to-bury-securities-fraud, and I`ll be happy to tear them up. What if this search result was a scare tactic, what if Hyperfund was what it says? They don`t care if you`re legal, registered, or controlled – much like future Ponzi victims like you. Legitimate businesses that raise capital do not commit securities fraud. MLM pyramid schemes do not register with financial regulators and do not provide legally required audited reports because there is no external revenue.