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Interes Legal Dinero 2020 Boe

Conversely, the tax administration must also be accountable to its taxpayers if it is in debt. In this case, the calculation is also carried out taking into account the statutory interest. Legal interest was first set by the Civil Code of 24 July 1889, with an annual interest rate set at 6%, then at 5% by the law of 2 August 1899. The Law of 7 October 1939 reduced it to 4% and remained at that level until the provisions of Law 24/1984 of 29 June 1984 amending the statutory interest rate, which was laid down in Article 1 thereof. Therefore, and until the approval of the state accounts, the legal interest on the money in 2020 will be the same as in 2019Abre en ventana nueva, or 3%. This interest represents an amount payable to the creditor who has an outstanding debt, similar to compensation for damages. It should be noted historically that within the territorial scope of the Spanish protectorate of Morocco, the legal interest rate had a specific treatment: it was set at 6% per year and no other interest rate higher than 12% per year could be agreed, according to the provisions of the Dahir of 1 June 1914 (B.O. Morocco of 10), later by Dahir of March 29, 1946 (B.O. Morocco No. 19 of May 10) until the end of the protectorate at 4% per year. Year. Legal interests have characteristics that distinguish them from other types of interests.

The most important are: Subsequently, with effect for the second half of the year, the Law on the General State Budget for 2012 was adopted by Law 2/2012 of 29 June, published in the BOE of 30 June 2012, whose additional provision 13ยช set the interest rate at 4% until 31 December 2012. With what is ultimately the same interest rate that applies to the whole year, but with a different legal basis for the first and second half of the year. The economic situation is one of the most decisive variables in determining the legal interest. Each year, the new value of the money, which will serve as the basis for calculating the debt, is examined and determined. In 2022, the maximum legal interest rate is 8%. This rate applies to commercial late payments, i.e. those that occur between companies. Similarly, article 576 of Law 1/2000 of 7. January on civil proceedings procedural interest for late payment, the provision of which provides in substance that, from the date of a judgment or other decision establishing an obligation to pay a sum of money in a court decision (civil, criminal, contentious, administrative or labor), and with the exception of the specialties provided by law for the Treasury, For sums ordered to be paid in these court orders, the statutory interest on the money is increased by two points, unless expressly agreed between the parties or in a specific applicable legal provision. Statutory interest is set annually in the General State Budget Act. In 2012, however, there was a peculiarity, namely that originally – during a period that coincided exactly with the first half of the year – the current rate was not set by this year`s budget law, but by a tacit extension (not expressly determined by a provision) of the law to that of the previous year. as a result of constitutional imperatives.

For 2011, statutory interest was set at 4% by the corresponding Finance Law, as shown in the table below; Well, the same interest rate is the one that is initially to be implemented for the first half of 2012, since Article 134.4 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 stipulates that “if the Finance Law is not approved before the first day of the corresponding financial year, the budgets of the previous year will automatically be considered extended until the approval of the new one”. And since Royal Decree 1329/2011 of 26 September 2011 provided for the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and the convening of general elections on 20 November 2011, the General State Finance Law for 2012 was not adopted until 1 January 2012. As this was the first day of the new financial year, in application of the transcribed constitutional requirement, the same statutory interest on the funds provided for by the 2011 Finance Act must be tacitly extended for 2012. And since the base rate of the Bank of Spain was abolished by Law 66/1997, it is no longer applicable as legal interest on the currency unless it has been fixed by the Financial Code, as originally provided for in Article 1 of the said Law of 1984. From the entry into force of the aforementioned Law 24/1984 of 29. However, until the entry into force of the Finance Law for 1985, statutory interest on the currency was treated in the same way as the base or discount rate of the Bank of Spain, which was determined by the validity of the Decree of the Ministry of the Economy of 23 July 1977 (BOE No 177 of 26 July).