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Independent Legal Advice Vs Independent Legal Representation

4. Technically, you don`t need independent legal advice to accept a divorce judgment, but it`s always a good idea to seek advice before accepting. – Your lawyer provides you with independent legal advice, but is concerned that you are waiving important rights and claims, and will provide you with a letter explicitly stating these concerns and asking you to think about them and come back another day to discuss the matter further. If the client refuses the recommendation to seek independent legal advice or representation, the lawyer must obtain the client`s signature on a document indicating that the client has refused to advise or be represented [commentary to rules 3.4-29[7] of the Lawyers` Code]. If the client is vulnerable and refuses to provide independent legal advice or representation, the lawyer should not complete the transaction [comment on rules 3.4-29[8] of the Lawyers` Code]. There is a difference. Independent legal advice will be provided by a lawyer or paralegal without conflict of interest or affiliation with you or any other interested party, including other legal advisors. They provide objective and impartial legal advice about the decision you are facing. Their only job is to help you understand their nature and consequences. For example, your lawyer makes a mistake in a legal document. It could come back to bite you – bingo, conflict of interest. Your professional duty is to recommend that you consult a second lawyer for advice.

Get tips to make sure you understand what might happen after the agreement is signed. Sections 5 and 6 of Directive 2 of the Guidelines on Professional Conduct for Paralegals recommend that, when acting as a mediator, a paralegal protect himself or herself from potential conflicts of interest and propose and encourage parties to seek the advice of a qualified paralegal or lawyer before and during the mediation process; if it has not already done so. If you or the other person doesn`t get legal advice before signing the agreement, a judge is more likely to cancel your agreement (by replacing it with a court order) when you go to court to have it changed. There is no law that says you need to get independent legal advice before you sign a family law agreement. And if the other person doesn`t get independent legal advice, they might later say that they: In contrast, independent legal representation is hiring a lawyer in advance who acts on your behalf in a legal transaction. Whenever a lawyer has a conflict of interest, they should advise you to hire someone else to represent you. Your own lawyer will contact the lawyer to close the transaction (your condominium division). That`s better. While a lawyer or paralegal may ask a client in advance for consent to conflicts that may arise in the future, the effectiveness of such consent is generally determined by the client`s assessment of the significant risks involved in such consent.

In certain circumstances, it may be advisable to recommend that the client consult with independent counsel before deciding whether or not to consent to future conflicts of interest [comment on Rules 3.4-2[5] of the Lawyers` Code and section 11 of Directive 9 of the Paralegal Conduct Guidelines]. Being influenced by a lawyer interested in a deal is a bright red flag. Lawyers and paralegals are prohibited from entering into unfair or inappropriate transactions without recommending independent legal advice. This includes: As a rule, property or neighborhood conflicts go to mediation first. This gives both parties the opportunity to sort things out with the help of someone who has no investment in the outcome. It could end there. The mediator drafts a contract that both of you must sign. You hire a lawyer or paralegal to review it. Smart move: You get independent legal advice. Ready! It is a good idea to seek independent legal advice if: It is important to document the provision of the ILA by presenting the client with a written certificate stating that the client has received the ILA, obtaining the client`s signature on the certificate, and sending a copy of the signed certificate to the lawyer, with whom the client wishes to transact.

[9] If a client rejects the ILA or ILR offer, it is important to document this choice by signing a document indicating that the client declined the advice or representation. [10] Your common counsel therefore explained that there was a conflict of interest and asked you if you agreed with a common opinion. You could, as long as you know the risks you`re taking. Proceed carefully. Making an informed, genuine and informal decision to make a joint advance is one thing. If your opponent has more legal or financial know-how than you, there could be more problems than is worth. Independent legal advice is the advice that anyone involved in a legal matter receives from their own lawyer.