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How to Tell If a Company Is Legit on Alibaba

How to avoid: Hire an external inspection company to inspect goods in China before they are shipped. Commercial insurance is also helpful. Most of Alibaba`s suppliers are legitimate and honest businesses that strive to meet the needs of buyers. Nevertheless, some of them are simply unethical and eager to scam the buyers of their money. To avoid the losses and inconvenience of online fraud, always work with a legitimate Alibaba provider. Our discussions were conducted via email and WhatsApp and I would like to go back to the app for discussion. But one of them claims that the company is on multiple websites and he doesn`t know where my contact came from, even though Alibab is the only website I use. Pls I need help abt this company ivisionsgmbh.com.de I saw there advertisement on Alibaba for ps4 console that says buy 5 get 3 free. and they say I can only pay via Bitcone are Dey scammers 2) To be honest, I`ve never used Google Maps for China – as far as I know, it could be very inaccurate or you just don`t know how to use it correctly/find the address. Regardless, yoga clothing is not a high-risk item and you should be able to find legitimate suppliers using a normal verification procedure, ordering samples, etc. Whether it`s on a company`s Alibaba profile or on its website, look for information about trade shows. I want to buy Babe Puzzle from this company Yiwu Feisheep Import & Export Co., Ltd., but I don`t agree with the profile. The CEO (Melody Zheng) gave me his WhatsApp contact, I called him on video to see his face, but he never voted.

I told him to take the products he was sending, he was sending Internet downloads. Last month, I discovered a new company in Alibaba that cleans to make the same kind of products. The company has been a registered gold supplier for 1 year. There are videos and photos of the new products, and the company`s registration has been verified. You have also registered a trademark, which I have confirmed is legitimate. Another type of product you need to be VERY careful with is licensed products. These are products that carry some kind of intellectual property, such as: For more information about Alibaba and intellectual property protection, see “Alibaba and Intellectual Property Protection.” Again, not all providers will have an AliExpress presence, so don`t weed out a provider just because they don`t have a business. Real manufacturers don`t usually deal with retail customers, so they usually don`t have an AliExpress store.

However, they often have a sister trading company that deals with retail customers, so you can always ask the supplier if their products can also be purchased on AliExpress or not. In terms of filtering scammers, think about it from their perspective – why waste time on small orders on AliExpress? If you can scam a few people before Alibaba shuts you down, then of course, you`ll reach as high an order value as possible. That`s why an AliExpress store is another simple sign that you`re dealing with a reliable Alibaba supplier. Your website is nice and reasonably credible and it (Mr. Hugo) also coordinated with me via WhatsApp. They also have a photo of their business license, but in Chinese, and some company photos to make them really legitimate. Thanks for the Insite! I want to buy furniture for about $4,000 from a Chinese manufacturer on Alibaba. Everything seems legitimate (510,000+ transactions, 4.8/5 star reviews, photos of the manufacturing process, etc.). I just noticed a TÜV Rheinland check and searched the TÜV Rheinland database and couldn`t find it. I looked at the certificate again and found that it looked fake. Hi Andrew Great information, but I`m going through a hell of a time right now with Alibaba (NOT) Trade Assurance.

I received my new tractor, but it is riddled with errors due to poor assembly, but the biggest problem is that some Mayjor components have been replaced with cheaper lower components and a number of items have not even been sent. I have been dealing with the dispute resolution team for about 8 weeks, but it was clear from the outset that it was a seller`s lawyer and that the person on the other end was asking for “evidence” after “evidence” after “evidence”. Once delivered, they move on to the next request. I once had to spend over $500 on a report and the customer service representative is now saying, “You can`t expect the salesperson to pay for it, can you.” I asked for a contact within Alibaba to follow this up, but the request is simply ignored. Trade Assurance convinced me to buy in China. If I had known it was a fraudulent lie, I would never have bought my equipment in China. Now, it seems that there is virtually no way to find a real solution to the fraud/theft that Alibaba calls commercial insurance. I want to warn readers that they are risking their money by buying in the belief that Alibaba will protect their rights. Even if the company they buy from is a gold-level customer, as I was. Verified suppliers might just be your best choice. These are gold suppliers from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan that have been inspected by an external inspection company.

If the provider has been verified, you will see it on their Alibaba profile along with a checklist. globaleu.trustpass.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.12243863.0.0.51313e5fkeSHR4 You cannot get such items from Alibaba or anywhere in China. It`s just not possible, no matter how legit the website seems, it`s 100% a scam. Will your potential seller answer all your questions and respond to you in a reasonable amount of time? If so, it`s a sign that the seller is legitimate. Real suppliers are professional and run their business accordingly, and if you don`t get the answers you need, this should be a red flag. It is always the buyer`s responsibility to ensure that your Alibaba supplier is legitimate and that the products are of high quality. Because if you`re considering buying a product in bulk, you may want to dig deeper and make sure. It sounds like a scam to me. Why do you have to pay your supplier to clear the goods? The supplier has nothing to do with customs.

The shipping company will contact you directly if there are any customs fees/procedures associated with your shipment. Otherwise, you don`t know who you`re really dealing with – maybe it`s a former employee or something like that and the company isn`t responsible for its actions.