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How to Legally Change Your Gender in Texas

A sex marker, sometimes called a sex marker or gender identifier, is a designation on an identifying document or database such as male (M), female (F) or another option such as X, non-binary or undisclosed. This designation can be traced back to your birth certificate. For judges who allow a gender change, you will probably need to give them the same criminal record information as for name changes. See the section on criminal history above. Use the doctor`s letterhead and include the name, office address and office phone number. The header should also include your doctor`s license or medical certificate number, the state of issue of that permit or certificate, and the doctor`s registration number with the Drug Enforcement Agency. 3.) You must receive a letter from your doctor/endocrinologist/mental health specialist stating your diagnosis of gender dysphoria, that it is in your best interest to obtain this change, and that you are being treated “correctly” for your diagnosis. If you`re trying to change your gender marker and name, this last part basically means you have to prove you`re on HRT to apply. It is recommended that you prescribe puberty blockers/estrogen/testosterone, etc. for at least a few months. It`s not set in stone or anything, but I would definitely recommend waiting at least four months for HRT before starting this process. I started HRT with Planned Parenthood. If this is the case for you, you can call the office and ask for a letter confirming that you were on the HRT plan.

My letter was to come from a coordinator of the Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas in Austin, TX. It arrived in the mail within a few weeks. (This is a bad rule. You should/do not need to take hormones or undergo reassignment surgery to be valid in your gender identity.) Forms for changing a minor`s name can be found on TexasLawHelp.org. These forms can be used anywhere in Texas. Taking your fingerprints costs between $10 and $20. As with anything else, it`s a good idea to get multiple copies. These nominative forms can be used anywhere in Texas. Persons classified as male at birth must register with the Selective Service from the age of 18 and on the day you turn 26.

If you need to register, you must log in within 30 days of your 18th birthday. If your name or gender identity is printed on a card that contains the information contained in a database, you must correct it yourself by contacting the organization that manages the information. The court order does not automatically update your data everywhere. A referral lawyer from the Law Library can review your forms at the morning case review clinic (10 a.m. to noon, weekdays, 314 West 11th, #140). (in Travis County) Name changes are filed with the state district court. You can ask your local county clerk how to submit your name change and see if your county will allow you to get a background check. If you have questions about where to file your name change, consult a lawyer. Some people have been able to change the gender tag on their Texas driver`s license or non-driver ID card using out-of-state updated identification or even based on their appearance.

However, since DPS says you need a court order or an updated birth certificate, you should apply for a court order before attempting to change your ID. And once you`ve done that. Drum roll please. Your Texas driver`s license will finally match your gender identity! We hope our guide helps you get started with this process. For additional resources for transgender people living in Texas, check out the following list: In addition, UT Austin Law School`s Trans Name and Gender Marker Project regularly holds workshops to support transgender people in all aspects of name and sex characteristics change. Take the survey on this page to express your interest in future workshops on names and gender markers. Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for the Change of Name Program, but you can find information on updating your official name in this guide. These are the general steps. See the country-specific section for country-specific instructions, if applicable. If you need to register as a sex offender, you must inform local law enforcement that you will be requesting a change of name or gender tag. You must provide the court with evidence that you informed law enforcement. This is usually done with a letter sent by registered mail, so you will receive a receipt and proof that your letter has been delivered.

It`s usually best to update Social Security first, as other government agencies often verify your information with Social Security. However, you can update your credentials in any order. Typically, you`ll need to display different identifiers, regardless of which ID you`re updating, and it`s likely that some of them aren`t yet updated with your new name or gender marker. This does not matter, as the court order is proof of legal name change and/or gender identification. You may not be able to update some of your credentials, or you may not want to update some of your credentials because you don`t really use them, they cost too much, it`s too difficult, or for some other reason. It`s usually easier if all your IDs match, but it should be okay if some don`t. You should always keep a copy of your court order to prove that you are the same person listed on incompatible identification, and you can seek help from a lawyer if you have problems. E-filing allows you to scan your documents and send them to court online.

Anyone can create a free e-deposit account with www.eFileTexas.gov. There are a few things to consider before starting this journey. First, at this time, the State of Texas does not recognize non-binary, third-gender sexual fluid (anything other than male and female binary) as an acceptable entry on state identification documents. This guide will only be really useful for trans people who want their identity changed to male or female. Any part of this process in which you are asked to pay court fees can be overturned by a declaration of inability to pay court costs. You must have a low income, receive government benefits, or be able to express the inability to pay court fees to qualify. In addition, you must also be a U.S. citizen to get a legal name and sex tag change. To change a minor`s name, a caregiver who has a legal relationship with the minor, i.e. parents, guardians or custodians, must apply to change a child`s name.

Minors who are at least 10 years old must agree to their name change in writing. Yes. In your petition, you must disclose your criminal record. If you are convicted of a crime, there are restrictions. You must have received a certificate of release from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or completed a court-ordered charity form stating that you completed juvenile probation at least two years before filing your sexual trait or name change. For sex reassignment, there is no Texas law that says what proof you need. This means that it is up to each judge to decide what evidence he wants to see. The doctor`s letter should confirm that sex reassignment is in the best interest of your health. Send or bring all necessary documents in person to the nearest local SSA office. Social Security will send you back the original documents if you request them by mail, but it is recommended that you do this step in person so that you do not have to leave without ID.

In our fifth episode of PRIDE without Prejudice, LSLA attorneys Brittany Hightower and Pete Makopoulos-Senftleber (Trans-Legal Aid Clinic Board Chair) were joined by Nicholas “Guilly” Guillory, a Tyrone Garner Memorial Wall Fellow at Lambda Legal, to discuss name changes and sex characteristics. Lone Star Legal Aid is an LGBTQIA+ provider of free civil justice services for low-income Texans. If the person wishes the documents to be amended by an employer, a certified copy of the court order or an updated identification card should suffice to update the work documents. Using the court order, the employer should, if necessary, update the documents based on the new legal documents provided by the employee. Whether you file your return separately or together, as a Texas resident, you can apply for a gender change. You can file your documents through the court`s e-filing system and you should receive a response within a few weeks or months, once the judge has had time to review your application and approve or reject it. The documents you submit electronically for a gender change include personal information such as current gender, contact information, date of birth, social security number, correct gender identifier, and the reason for your correction.