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How to Get Married in Nj Courthouse

No matter what size or type of wedding reception you are planning, one of the most important steps to getting married properly is the process of obtaining and certifying your marriage certificate. And if you get married in New Jersey, your future life together without a New Jersey marriage certificate will not be recognized as a legal union. Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, please understand that we can only allow both witnesses to attend the ceremony with the couple to get married. A quick note: you can apply for a marriage certificate in the New Jersey community where you or your SO resides. If neither of you are New Jersey residents, submit the marriage certificate to the community where you plan to marry. The marriage certificate is valid only in the city where it was issued. The state`s 72-hour waiting period between submitting your license application and your actual wedding date has been reinstated, meaning you can apply for your license up to six months before your wedding date. The last absolute deadline is 72 hours in advance, Wallace says. “If you get married on the weekend, Tuesday is usually the last day I recommend you apply for your license because you technically won`t get your license until Friday,” Wallace adds. Do we have to live in New Jersey to get married here? To get married, you must pay a fee for a marriage license. The New Jersey marriage license fee is $28. The legal age of marriage is 18. No blood test or residency requirement.

72 hours wait. There are 543 municipalities where you can apply for and obtain a marriage certificate from a local registry office. There is a short three-day wait before you can get married in New Jersey. A marriage certificate in New Jersey is valid for 6 months unless the registrar extends the date, in which case your certificate may be valid for up to 12 months. Note: If you remarry in New Jersey, there is no waiting period. Nestled between New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware, the state of New Jersey is known for its famous coastline, Jersey City and Paterson Great Falls National Park. New Jersey is a cultural center with big cities that come alive at night, beautiful beaches perfect for relaxing, and unique food trends that might pop up on your dinner menu. But before you surpass us, you and your future spouse must obtain a marriage license from your local registrar before you can legally marry in the state of New Jersey. Read on to get an overview of the application process so you`ve worked out all the details before you walk down the boardwalk. For people who are currently married in New Jersey or who are married in another state or country, there is an option to confirm your relationship/vows by registering a remarriage.

To apply for remarriage, the couple must provide proof of their existing marriage, meet the requirements to contract a marriage in New Jersey, and follow the instructions above to complete the license application. The process for a remarriage certificate is the same as for a marriage certificate, except that the remarriage certificate must be accompanied by proof of an existing marriage. There is no 72-hour wait for the licence to be issued. Please visit the following link for a video on marriage with the Cape May County Clerk. www.facebook.com/capemaycountyclerksoffice/videos/3102397116548680/ The state of New Jersey does not recognize a common-law marriage as legal, which means that a couple must obtain a marriage certificate and have a marriage ceremony performed by a licensed official to be considered married. “In my experience, couples should contact [the registrar] directly, as policies can also change depending on the city you`re getting married in in New Jersey,” Rothweiler notes. “I always tell my couples, `Call your local registry just to make sure nothing changes.` On the day of the wedding, the two named witnesses must appear with identification with the couple to be married. We are unable to change the license once the witness information has been added, so please ensure that both are available to attend the scheduled ceremony. If there is a change, the license must be reissued and the marriage will be cancelled. Do we have anything to do with the license after marriage? Please let everyone arrive early and allow time for any problem to arrive at our office.

Several weddings can be scheduled for the same day, so it is important that the wedding starts immediately. For two people to marry in this state, they must meet all of the following criteria: You can fill out almost all the details of the New Jersey Marriage License Application Form before a visit or appointment with the vital statistics office, except for one crucial element: the application only needs to be signed in the presence of the issuing authority.