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How to Copy Legal Size Paper on Hp Printer

· Go to Control Panel – Programs and Features – Select all HP LaserJet printer entries and uninstall them. You can use the Legal setting > Ltr 72% to reduce a copy of a legally sized document to a size that fits on stationery. First, install the full printer drivers if you haven`t already installed them. Go to support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-laserjet-pro-mfp-m132-series/9365375/model/9365380/drivers and select Software and Drivers to download and install the drivers. · Now, click on ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software13/printers/COL71126/LJM129-M134_UWWL_4-1_LJUWWL_4_1_Full_WebP. to install the software. Click File at the top of the window, and then choose Print from the menu. Make sure the printer you need to use appears at the top of the window or select it from the drop-down menu. Have you installed the complete software for this printer? · Go to the Run window again, type “c:/programdata” and navigate to the Hewlett Packard folder, delete all folders and files related to the printer. HP printers are capable of handling different paper sizes depending on the printer model. The dimensions of legal paper are 14 inches by 8.5 inches, which is more than the popular size for printer paper.

To print at this size, you must adjust the printer driver settings and paper guides on the printer. If you are not sure whether your printer can properly feed legal-sized paper, refer to your printer`s user manual for paper handling specifications. Please refer to your printer`s user manual, scroll down to the Copy section and follow the instructions – Load your legal document face up in the document feeder tray. Place the page in the document feeder basket so that the top edge of the document lights up first. I understand that you are trying to copy paper in legal format to your LaserJet printer. You can easily do this with the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) printer. Copy legal size documents on HP HP LaserJet Pro 132FW When I make a copy, it is not fully registered and some lines are cut off from the bottom. HP Office Jet 5258 printer.

I only want to make copies of legal size documents (8.5″ X 14″). Since glass cannot hold legal-sized paper, is there another way to make the copy without making two copies, then cut and paste? I have legal size copying paper available. Thanks in advance. Remove all paper from the printer`s paper input tray and load legal size paper, then make sure the paper guides are adjusted. Select the “Print” button on the computer screen to start the print job. I had made paper settings via the printer settings menu by changing the paper type, but it`s still the same. First, unplug the USB cable from the printer, if any. As I understand it, you only have problems copying legal paper directly from the printer. Don`t worry as I have some suggestions that should help you solve this problem. Once you`re done, restart your PC and printer, and then try copying. Select the Properties button in the upper-right corner of the print window.

Select the Features or Print/Quality tab and select the type of paper you want to print on from the Paper Type or Paper is drop-down menu. Now open the HP Scan app on your PC. Simply load the legal-sized document into the automatic document feeder and select the “Scan” option to scan. Press the Cancel button on the printer if you print the wrong size on the paper. Discard all printed materials on paper in the wrong size. If you want to show your appreciation for my efforts, mark my message as an accepted solution. Thank you for contributing to the HP Support Forums. It`s a great place to find the help you need from other users, HP experts, and other support staff. To get the best experience on the HP forum, can you visit our HP forum guide here for the first time? Learn how to publish and more. Click on the “Size” or “Size is” drop-down menu and select “Legal” or “A5” from the list. Click the OK button to save your selection.

· When prompted, plug in the USB cable and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. · Under Print Server Properties, go to Driver – remove all entries as well. It has been a pleasure to interact with you and I hope you have a good day ahead of you. In the Copy section, click the Zoom Out/Maximize button. To provide you with an accurate solution, I need a few more details: The percentage in the example, Legal > Ltr 72%, may not be correct with the Please read this resource on copying a legal document on the HP DeskJet 4100 series of printers. www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUV0sXfF6zPg2uqMt6xzQowix3LmJEgBG Check “Scan with HP Scan Software” Click here » Press the “Windows” key + “r” to open the “Run” window – Type “printui.exe /s” (there is a space between .exe and /) and press Enter. Please follow the suggested steps and let me know how to do it for more help. And click on the purple thumbs up icon at the end of my comment. I suggest you try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers:.