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Based in three offices, including the Houston office, our team of six recruiters has over 100 years of legal experience and over 1,000 internships between us. As former practicing lawyers and other lawyers, we understand the role you need to fill, as well as the diverse pool of talent available to fill it. By coordinating our efforts consistently, Momentum employees are highly adept at providing customers with the highest level of service possible, as well as an exceptional hiring experience and unparalleled retention rates. Our management research placement agency in Houston builds long-term relationships with our clients Most of our clients return to us for all their staffing needs in various skill specializations. In addition to finding talented management professionals, our Houston-based executive search firm can provide support staff, including customer service and call centers, administrative and clerical staff, temporary staff for special projects, and other short-term or temporary staffing needs. A temporary employment solution is an ideal way to find the perfect solution, and with Burnett`s established candidate network and constant influx of new talent, our temporary employment agency in Houston, TX can connect you with the best workers. Visit our Houston headquarters today or call one of our owners to learn more about how we help our customers achieve positive results every time. We are the one-stop light industrial time placement agency in Houston with expertise and a proven process for quick and direct hiring. We are an award-winning equitable time placement firm based in Houston, TX and the largest staffing and placement firm in Texas. Meet the leading companies in legal recruitment in Houston! Each of the law firms in downtown Houston and surrounding suburbs is equipped to help you reach your dream position in the area. These Houston legal recruiters can help you find a job in the legal industry, whether you`re passively or actively seeking employment at one of the local law firms or as a business consultant.

Our Houston legal recruitment agency has a long-standing relationship with a network of leading lawyers in Texas. As a result, this leads to higher quality contributions for their teams. Our legal mediation agency is committed to ensuring that we find the perfect candidate for your needs the first time to minimize staff turnover and save you money. We want to help you find the skilled talent you need to grow through direct hire or temporary staff, and we have the experience and pool of candidates to find the perfect people for your business. Let`s say you`re looking for a short-term temporary job or want to find a job where you can feel comfortable with your skills. In this case, Burnett Specialists is the state-certified temporary employment agency in Houston that can help you with your job search. Our recruitment services can help you find the right placement for your unique skills and experience. To maintain a Texas attorney`s license, a newly licensed attorney must complete 15 hours of MCLE within two years, including 3 hours of legal ethics or legal professional liability training. Once these initial requirements are met, you will be required to complete an additional 15 hours of MCLE every 12 months. Thanks to our diverse and experienced team of recruiters, we can meet your temporary employment needs in the shortest possible time. Work with a leading temporary employment agency in Houston that has the resources and experience to recruit suitable candidates. We offer temporary accounting services in Houston, TX tailored to your business, knowing that each company`s staffing needs are different.

Contact our Houston, TX law firm today to find out how our team of professionals can exceed your expectations. We are ready to deploy the ideal legal staff for your vacancies and help your team reach its full potential. Call us today at 713-871-0838 to find out how we can help. You can also contact us by email via the contact page of our website. The private South Texas College of Law also offers Houston lawyers the opportunity to teach or take additional law courses. Are you looking for temporary employees to assist with special projects, fill in unexpected fluctuations or operate smoothly during peak periods? Our Burnett Special team provides the best recruitment services for temporary accounting and finance.