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Herald Dispatch Legal Notices

Public announcements are an important part of our communities and an essential part of democracy. They keep citizens informed of the day-to-day activities of government policies such as tax and fee increases, land use and environmental decisions, default tax notices that may result in government seizure, seizures and use of public funds. Colorado Community Media encourages citizens to regularly read public announcements and ask questions of their government when warranted. To place a public announcement in one of Colorado Community Media`s legal publications, please contact us for assistance in placing a legal notice and self-placement options. Those wishing to change their name or notify creditors can either use the self-placement link below or send forms with name, address and telephone number to the appropriate contact person for the publication listed below. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT The Wayne County, West Virginia County Commission hereby declares its intention to publicly test the voting machine, which consists of express votes; Tab DS200; and any other equipment used for the voting, tabulation and reporting process for the parliamentary elections of 8 November 2022. The test visor[Read more…]. DECLARATIONS OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND DISTRIBUTION (ALL PERIODICALS EXCEPT APPLICANT`S PUBLICATIONS) 1. Title of publication The Herald-Dispatch 2. Publication number 241-120 3rd filing date 30.09.2022 4. Frequency of publication Published every morning from Tuesday to Sunday 5. Number of issues published annually 313 6.

Annual subscription price $239.88 7. o Convenience package o Safety package o Advanced trailer package o Spray bedding [Read more…] NOTICE REGARDING APPROVAL OF AMBIENT AIR QUALITY Notice of Application Notice of Application It is announced that CSX Transportation, Inc. has applied to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Air Quality, for an administrative update to the Class II R13-1751A permit requesting an increase in the allowable thresholds for the paint booth (emission point [Read more…]].