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Gw Law Financial Aid Phone Number

Any change from full-time to part-time employment or vice versa will affect your credit score and may affect your institution`s funding (merit scholarships and need-based grants). Students must inform LFAO of any change in registration. Part-time students must also notify LFAO of any change in the number of credit hours enrolled. Full-time students who are not enrolled full-time will not receive an institutional or federal grant until they are enrolled full-time. If you have any questions about the number of credits required for full-time or part-time employment, please contact the Office of Legal Records at [email protected]. Choose a repayment schedule that suits your financial situation. If you are a visitor, an international student or a summer student; a veteran; or getting a joint degree, there may be more information about the financial aid that applies to you. We send a consortium agreement to the host school, which we and they have to sign. This gives GW Law the power to process your assistance based on the educational costs of the host school. The host agrees to monitor your registration, provide GW with the cost of your program, and not provide you with any financial support of its own. Your spring allowance will not be paid unless you have submitted the required vaccination documents to the university. Please contact the Office of Student Health Services for more information on required vaccines at [email protected] or by phone at (202) 994-6827. You have until the last day of your semester exams to complete a loan increase form (available on GW Law`s intranet financial aid page) and apply for more federal loan funds up to your total cost of participation minus any other financial assistance.

In addition to the usual financial assistance forms, you must submit the following to the Financial Aid Board of the Act: Costs not included in the financial assistance budget must be paid from a source other than financial assistance. Revolving loans, car payments, and pet maintenance costs are typical expenses that students want to cover with loans. Unfortunately, our ACO is not intended to cover them. You will limit your ability to cover the cost of living for the academic year in the DC area if you try to stretch your monthly living expenses for these expenses. We recommend paying off credit card debt as much as possible before starting school. Make arrangements to leave the car behind – most students don`t need a car in Washington, D.C., with its extensive public transportation system. If you have received permission from the Dean of Studies to attend another law school during any period of the academic year, Law Financial Aid will process your application for financial aid. You can only apply for loans; any GW grant awarded to you would be revoked (means-tested grant) or suspended (merit grant). Professional students enrolled in the Faculty of Law or candidates for the Doctor of Medicine in Medicine at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences should contact their respective financial aid office. All other students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences must follow the procedures/information on this website to submit application documents for financial aid. If at any time you have a question or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us as we understand that you need to explore all funding options available at George Washington University. The law school works one-on-one with students to ensure that everyone receives the most generous package of assistance available.

All admitted applicants will be considered for merit-based scholarships. These awards, which vary in size, are based on the strength of the applications; No separate scholarship application is required. Scholarships are also awarded to admitted and postgraduate students based on financial need and availability of resources. For telephone assistance, including resetting voicemail, faculty and law school staff should call 202-994-5772. Does changing the number of semester credit hours affect my financial support? The Office of Financial Aid sets a maximum amount for all financial aid, including commercial and federal loans for education. You have to budget carefully to live within this restriction. While your actual expenses may be higher than the standard attendance cost (COA) set for financial aid purposes, your total financial aid for the academic year (scholarships, need-based grants, and educational loans) is still limited to the COA published by GW Law for the academic year. Expenses beyond the standard COA cannot be covered by additional student loans or other forms of financial assistance. Yes. Your financial situation may change from year to year. The OBFO must document and analyze needs annually to determine needs-based grants. Students must also submit the GW Law Financial Aid Application Form as mentioned above and FAFSA as grant recipients must borrow the Stafford Full Direct Federal Loan.

Loans are disbursed electronically into the GWU database by the Ministry of Education and then transferred to your student account, provided you are registered for the correct number of credits for the summer. Tuition and other unpaid fees are paid first. Refunds of funds paid into your student account beyond the course will be processed during the first week of classes. If you accepted your financial support before August 1st, a balance will appear in your GW student account on the first or second day of class. This assumes that you have completed your Federal Entry Board, signed Master Promissory Notes [MPN] and approved GradPLUS balances on the www.studentloans.gov AND that you are registered for the correct number of hours AND that you have no locks on your GW student account). If you have set up a direct deposit by following the instructions here, you can expect the money to be transferred to your personal bank account within 3-5 days of withdrawing it from your GW student account. Unless you are registered with GW Law (or elsewhere with permission) for at least half a day during the summer session, financial assistance is not available for summer expenses. The amount of aid you can borrow (GW Law scholarships and grants are not available for summer studies) must not exceed the COA indicated for the specific summer program chosen. In addition to providing advice on financial support, the most important function of the law school financial aid office is to provide your financial aid. We`ll work with you to process your support quickly. If you receive any type of external services, please request an external tuition form from LFAO. All benefits can result in a change in your financial support.

Financial aid is usually provided after a student has been accepted for admission to GW Law. Learn about financial support options for veterans before the intake process. Veterans who want to know their financial support options before the intake process. Visit our FAQ page for any questions about the financial support you have. The Law Financial Aid Office works with prospective and current students to provide accurate information on costs, budgeting and funding from all possible sources of financial aid.