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Greco Neyland hires former prosecutors. Our legal team has been on both sides of the aisle and understands the mindset of Houston law enforcement. We use this knowledge to build a better case for each individual defendant. Local Senior Counsel Zaira Villagomez spent 7 years as a Greco Neyland paralegal before returning to law school and passing the bar exam. This gave him hands-on experience with hard-to-beat criminal defense cases. Her clients regularly have positive things to say, both about working with her personally and about the results she can achieve on their behalf. Your case will not be evaluated or assigned by an inexperienced employee or paralegal, as may be the case in some large companies. We deliberately limit our workload so that our experienced FINRA arbitration lawyers handle all aspects of your case – filing and reviewing, preparing and filing the claim, selecting the arbitrator, exchanging and reviewing documents and discovery, settlement negotiations and mediation, and attempting FINRA arbitration. Our criminal justice team in Houston here at Greco Neyland is committed to providing the best legal defense to every client. Our focus on consistent, high-quality defense makes each of us a better criminal defense attorney and a better advocate for our clients. We are approved by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The benefits are yours.

Greco Neyland helps you with all these legal proceedings, but we do much more than just appear in court. Our team of lawyers at Greco Neyland will assist your case by tracking deadlines and deadlines, coordinating necessary communications, drafting requests, processing discoveries, gathering evidence and testimony, and establishing the strategy for the trial. Greco Neyland, PC provides a wide range of defense services in Houston and Harris County. We continue to represent clients charged with impaired driving and theft while handling significant cases of manslaughter or sex crimes. Regardless of the allegations against you, you will receive the same tough and strategic legal representation from your defense attorney. Hiring a divorce lawyer can be a difficult decision. It is important to assess whether the attorney has experience in the practice of divorce, whether he is licensed in Massachusetts, and whether he is familiar with the parts of state law and local regulations that apply to Woburn. Assessing all of these can be stressful and time-consuming.

Our goal at LawInfo is to greatly facilitate the process of finding and selecting a lawyer. We have created a directory of lawyers that gathers all the information you need in one place and is full of divorce lawyers who are able, qualified and willing to help you with your divorce law. Some of these lawyers are even checked by senior counsel, indicating that they have passed our comprehensive assessment of a lawyer`s experience, licensure, and disciplinary record. Look for the blue “Lead Counsel Verified” icon next to a lawyer`s profile as an indicator of lawyers who have passed this audit exam. In addition to planning, we provide competent legal advice on probate. The death of a loved one is one of the most emotionally difficult moments you will ever encounter. The last thing you need in this difficult time is a flood of legal questions. We efficiently navigate the probate process for you, from will approval to distribution to one of the most important parts of the process, estate tax filing.

Our team of lawyers has won victories for their clients in many cases over the years. Typical cases may include securities fraud, churn, inadequacy (now part of the Securities and Exchange Commission`s (SEC) Best Interest (BI) regulation), improper referrals, negligence, investment fraud, unauthorized transactions, broker misconduct, lack of supervision, pyramid schemes, claims by securities whistleblowers, ERISA claims and other illegal activities. Our understanding and commitment to criminal defense in Houston goes far beyond knowledge of the law. Greco Neyland`s legal team has extensive experience in all areas of criminal law in Houston. We recognize prosecutors (and their strategies in court), we know judges, and we know key personnel who could influence your case. When choosing a lawyer for your legal matter, location is more than the convenience or ease of a shorter driving time to an office. A lawyer who is in your area and handles divorce cases in Woburn can also provide reliable information, as it comes from someone who has dealt with these types of issues in your area before. Andrew Wozniak is a graduate of Michigan State University and the Charles Widger School of Law at Villanova University. He is heard in all Florida state courts as well as in the United States. U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Andrew is committed to promoting the legal profession and is an active member of the Florida Bar, the Florida Justice Association and the Hillsborough County Bar Association. Andy understands the tactics used by insurance companies to avoid liability and strives to obtain the best possible compensation for his clients. Co-founder Dustan O. Neyland is also a former prosecutor who became frustrated when he learned how often the justice system violates the constitutional rights of defendants. Living Magazine named him Reader`s Choice Best Attorney in 2003 and named him one of the Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys in America and the Top 100 Litigators in America.