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So far, a legal control of fine procedures without high financial risk has not been possible, as there is no link between effort and performance. Geblitzt.de now offer this for free and through standardization with better quality and better service for the customer. Legal Tech and Geblitzt.de are changing access to justice. Obstacles to the assertion of one`s own interests are removed, the protection of consumers` interests is sustainably strengthened and the quality of legal services is improved. There are many reasons why allegations of fines are questionable: incorrect reporting or measurements, incorrect evaluation, untrained measuring agents, missing or expired calibration protocols, irregular maintenance radars, missed deadlines, etc. Nevertheless, the majority of all fines are accepted and paid after measurements by radar, light barrier or laser technology. This is due to one`s own sense of guilt, lack of knowledge of alternatives or fear of additional legal fees and lengthy legal proceedings. Many of those affected pay fines and receive points in Flensburg – not knowing that this can be avoided. The idea for Geblitzt.de was born during a discussion to create a website to acquire traffic law mandates and simplify the associated work processes for the lawyer.

During the conversation, the two founders (an internet entrepreneur and a lawyer) developed the idea of free legal assistance in traffic offenses – Geblitzt.de was born. In a year, we expect further growth and the addition of 1 to 2 additional projects to our service. In 5 years, we expect a diversified portfolio of 10 to 15 legal technology products. In 10 years, our products will have completely and definitively changed the legal services market. Since May 2013, Geblitzt.de has been funding free legal aid for traffic offences such as speed, distance, red light and mobile phone offences. As of January 2017, more than 60,000 applications had been processed. 12% of cases were stopped. In 25% of cases, it was possible to obtain a positive change in sentence for the accused. Website If you have been flashed and have received a hearing sheet or a notice of fine, Geblitzt.de allows you to competently review the allegations made against you by the lawyers of the partner law firms. This eliminates tedious meetings with on-site lawyers. The costs of the exam are covered by Geblitzt.de or your legal expenses insurance.

CLI: Avons-Geblitzt.de a competitive advantage over other providers? And if so, what is it? CLI: What does the future hold for Geblitzt.de? Where do you want to be in the medium term? CODUKA is an independent legal technology company headquartered in Berlin, the German capital. As the funder, CODUKA assumes all costs incurred for the extrajudicial or judicial representation of private or commercial claims under its terms of use related to the offer. What do we want to achieve? Equal opportunities for all consumers in Germany through easy and fast access to justice. CLI: You work with lawyers. Briefly explain how Geblitzt.de`s business model works. LegalTech Founded in 2013 7 employees Undisclosed funding CLI: How is the Geblitzt.de team brought together? Ginhold: If the person concerned has received mail from the fines office, he registers with us. Subsequently, the client receives a power of attorney, which must be signed and sent to us with a copy of the respective hearing form or notice of fine. CLI: How can you make money with Geblitzt.de if the customer has no costs to bear? The startup scene in Berlin is becoming more and more mature.

Sustainability is the main goal of many companies. The value of content becomes as important as the value of ideas. Geblitzt.de was featured in “The Hundert Vol. 10 – Startups of Berlin”, October 2017. But that`s because I don`t have a driver`s license myself – like an innkeeper who doesn`t drink alcohol (laughs). But there were always acquaintances who were very surprised by their beautiful notice. Why send mail from the office if you didn`t drive too fast at your discretion? There is such a thing. But an expensive lawyer is not worth it for a comparatively lower fine. Moreover, not everyone can afford it. One of many building blocks of the idea of giving consumers free access to legal advice.

CLI: Hi Mr. Ginhold, it`s good that you`re taking the time for this interview. In 2013, they founded the current Coduka GmbH, which has since operated the Geblitzt.de service. How did you come up with the idea of offering such a service via the Internet? Have you perhaps even had your own bad experiences with the subject of “nodules”? Ginhold: We offer a professional service that everyone has free access to online. Between 12% and 15% of the cases processed are abandoned, and 35% have the possibility of a reduction in sentence. Thus, we are pioneers in the field of litigation financing using legaltech solutions. In this regard, it is important to always keep your finger on the pulse. Therefore, we also financially support the Legal Tech Research Center of the Faculty of Law of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Ginhold: People from all walks of life come to us. As expected, the proportion of men is high at 87%. We`re still working on it (laughs). The age of people who register on Geblitzt.de is between 25 and 44 years in more than 60% of cases.

Ginhold: We investigate allegations of fines in cases of potential violation of speed, red light, distance or mobile phone. In doing so, we cooperate with two major law firms whose traffic lawyers are represented throughout the country. They can treat cases more efficiently thanks to software developed by us. The revenue we generate from the provision of the software allows us to act as a litigation financier for our clients. This means that we have all allegations of fines verified free of charge on the basis of the investigation file. Lawyers also support our software in assessing the chances of success. Depending on the assessment of the case, we also finance the rest of the procedure. The costs are covered either by the legal expenses insurance or, in the case of a successful case, by the State.

Ginhold: As a litigation funder, we have the decisive advantage that our service is not only fast and competent, but also free. CLI: How has your work evolved over time? Where could you learn from previous stages of development? One third of all fine procedures are marred by irregularities. Did you know that many fine procedures are marred by irregularities or that allegations are not sufficiently substantiated? In the case of these traffic offences, there is a very good chance of abandoning the procedure. The fines imposed will then not take effect. Ginhold: Of course, we want the Geblitzt.de brand to continue to be on everyone`s lips. In addition, similar products are planned with which we will also offer consumers simple, fast and free access to legal services in other areas of life. Legal technology software and litigation financing – this is the formula for the success of Coduka GmbH. With Geblitzt.de, the legal technology company offers an online service that can be used to verify allegations of traffic-related fines. The startup works in collaboration with lawyers who act against the fine procedure and investigate allegations against clients.

Lawyers use software developed by Geblitzt.de that allows for more efficient processing. With the revenue generated by the provision of this software, Geblitzt.de acts as a litigation funder for its clients. Managing Director Jan Ginhold explains Coduka GmbH`s business model in an interview with the Legal Tech blog. CLI: Thank you very much for the interview, Mr. Ginhold, and good luck with your projects! Aside from the small mistakes that are part of the normal learning process, we wouldn`t change much. In particular, independence from third parties in the start-up phase was crucial for us. Ginhold: We finance ourselves through the license product of the aforementioned software, which allows lawyers to handle their cases faster and more efficiently. Jan Ginhold (founder, CEO) and Christoph Lattreuter (co-founder, lawyer ©) Jasper Kettner For us, as a company, success means constant growth, customer satisfaction as well as increased sales and associated financial security. Personally, the recognition and appreciation of our ideas is an important motivation. Ginhold: We have a classic position. But the particularity: from administration and IT to marketing and product management to the service center, with us, everyone can contribute to the discourse and contribute, even in important management decisions.

Common success is only guaranteed if everyone works together on an equal footing. Therefore, always have your fine procedure checked! Geblitzt.de help. Geblitzt.de provides its lawyers with software that standardizes workflows, reducing the time required for efficient case processing.