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Gamemaker 8.1 System Requirements

Game Maker`s main development interface uses a drag-and-drop system that allows users unfamiliar with traditional programming to intuitively create games by visually arranging icons on the screen. These symbols represent actions that would occur in a game, such as motion, basic drawings, and simple control structures. Users also have the option to create their own “action libraries” using Library Maker. The following specifications reflect the system requirements for exported Game Maker executables. The Game Maker tool has unspecified, but significantly lower requirements. [15] YoYo Games` website allows users to download, share and play their created games and those created by others. Users can also review and discuss these games, as well as games in development, on the website. It also offers an advanced help system and support for sharing digital assets. YoYo Games also hosts the GMC (Game Maker Community) forums and has released Game Maker since version 7. The YoYo Games site was launched in beta form on April 28, 2007. [19] Some users claim that Game Maker tends to consume a large portion of the computer`s resources.

Well, it goes without saying that there`s a reason why the minimum system requirements need to be met, since you`re developing a brand new game, folks! On March 10, 2010, YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan announced a new version of Game Maker that would be released for PlayStation Portable. [30] [31] YoYo Games recently held a contest (Contest 05)[32] where the limitations were similar to those of a PlayStation Portable, and many rumors have arisen. Finally, after more than three months, an official announcement was made. YoYo Games has also launched a new contest (Contest 06)[33] with restrictions similar to those of a PlayStation Portable. On September 24, 2010, YoYo Games announced that they were developing an iOS version compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad. [35] On October 20, they submitted Skydiver Mach II, their first app, to the iTunes Store. [36] As of October 22, 2010 (2010-10-22)[Update], the iOS version is not yet available for public use, however, YoYo Games has released information about the requirements for Game Maker games running on the platform. → Main article: Game Maker languageThe Game Maker language (GML) is the primary scripting language used in Game Maker. It allows users to further enhance and control their game design through conventional programming, as opposed to drag-and-drop. GML`s syntax borrows aspects from other languages such as C, C++ and Java and makes effective use of object-oriented programming. Versions 6.x and the .exe files of these versions do not work with the Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system because there is an incompatible compression implementation when creating executable files. However, version 7 of the program works fine with Vista as well as most of the features supported in versions 5.x and earlier.

On June 24, 2007, Mark Overmars created a program to convert .exe files created with version 6 to run on Windows Vista. [16] The installation process is simple and undemanding. Download the kit and install the app in less than a minute. The software offers both a free version and a paid version that you can upgrade to at any time. The minimum system requirements for installing the game are as follows: a monitor that can display a resolution of 600×600, a 3D graphics card with 32RAM and DirectX 8 compatible, a DirectX 8, DirectX 8 or higher compatible sound card installed on the computer and only 15 MB of hard disk space. [5] [6] Game Maker 7 (Mac) DRMTwo versions of Game Maker software are available on Windows and Mac. Lite versions are free, while Standard editions must be purchased. Lite locks down several advanced features available as standard, including the ability to use DLLs, particle systems, advanced drawing capabilities, 3D graphics, and networked multiplayer.

For experienced users or those with computer programming experience, Game Maker includes a built-in scripting language called Game Maker Language (GML) that can be used to create more complex games with the program. Game Maker is an IDE for Windows and Mac OS that is currently licensed by YoYo Games. Its potential? Support game lovers around the world in the development of computer games without prior knowledge. Rest assured that the program comes with tutorials and you will get all the help you need to develop your first game. In 2008, Sandy Duncan announced that a port of Game Maker had been developed for Mac OS X. The port had experienced numerous delays for technical reasons. A version[25] has been made available for private beta testing.