Mindel Scott

Departamento Legal De La Ccss

However, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund is titular before Chamber I, with regard to compliance with Law No. 7983 on the Protection of Workers, it has never acted as it should have done, and therefore, given the negligence (violation of functions) proven by the CCSS and its Legal Service, she was forced to act, former mp José María Villalta Florez-Estrada before the courts, which file the complaint. This is article 78 of the Workers` Protection Act promulgated in 2000, which introduced an additional contribution from state-owned enterprises to strengthen the coverage of unpaid workers in conditions of poverty. In view of this inefficiency and the enormous damage suffered by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund with regard to the disability, old age and death scheme, I urge you to immediately initiate administrative proceedings or a governing body against the Acting Legal Director of the Institution`s Legal Department and his team of lawyers involved in this particular case. to separate them from their posts as soon as possible during the conduct of this study. It is incredible to see how things work in our country, since the public institutions of the state carry out procedures that are completely contrary to the interests of the state, especially against the PUBLIC INTEREST and the sovereign, because despite the fact that these public enterprises must and must comply with the current legal system and regulations, they act as completely private companies. “The judges reversed the Judgment of the Disputes Tribunal because the Fund was on the list of the fund at trial as an interested third party, when it should have done so as a co-applicant. For this Court of Appeal, it is “inconceivable” that the CCSS did not present itself as a party to the trial since it is a direct involvement. Nine years later, despite several meetings with high-ranking leaders of the institution and the government and their refusal to fight for the rights that help the health facility, I was forced to file an application for amparo on October 8, 2009, which was decided by the Constitutional Chamber, on March 5, 2010 Exp 09-015133-0007-CO, Resolution No. 2010-004621, to initiate the corresponding procedure before the Presidency of the Republic of Actuarial Studies and Recommendations under Article 78 of Law No. 7983 “The annulled judgment dates from June 2014.

On that occasion, the State was found guilty of failing to comply with the rule requiring it to transfer between 5% and 15% of the profits of state-owned enterprises to the CCSS Disability, Old Age and Death (IVM) scheme. It should be noted that the Fund also failed in its duty to demand respect and respect for Law 7983 and article 78, promulgated in 2000 by the then President of the Republic, Lic Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Echeverría. Chamber I orders a new trial on the profits of state-owned enterprises. The complaint was filed by former Frente Amplio MP José María Villalta. Given the disturbing publication published today by the newspaper La Nación: the government and the CCSS itself have appointed you as GUARDIANS of all your assets and shares, since you bear full responsibility for the movements, funds and actions that must be carried out in order for the fund in all its aspects to be more effective, of course without having any rights over them. As we can see once again, the representatives and hierarchs of the Fund do not care about the interests of the institution.