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Certificate in Immigration Law and Practice

It is important to note that this program does not qualify anyone who does not have a lawyer`s license to practice law. Students who complete the Washington Technical Institute`s Paralegal Certificate Training Program are qualified to take the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) Certified Paralegal (CLA/CP) exam and meet the criteria for accredited business and law courses required for the Accredited Legal Professional (ALP) exam conducted by NALS. AILA University`s tutorial video library starts with nearly 100 how-to videos, with new content added every week. These short tutorial videos (3-6 minutes in length) are free for all AILA members and cover real-world issues in an easily searchable format. Viewers will receive answers quickly and efficiently and will be redirected to applicable regulations, practical resources and additional resources for additional guidance and further learning on the subject. The course includes practical templates, checklists, and sample documents that you can use in your own practice. Expect an interactive experience with instructional videos, hands-on labs, hypothetical clients, discussions, articles and how-to guides, quizzes, and tests at the end of each module. From comprehensive online courses to quick tips and tricks on low-key topics, AILA University offers something that meets the needs and learning objectives of all immigration professionals. AILA University is not an accredited post-secondary institution. AILA University is the online platform used by AILA, a national bar association and non-profit organization, to provide video learning and education resources to its members. AILA University resources are designed to enhance the professional development and advancement of members and do not confer a degree, diploma or certificate (with the exception of a certificate of completion). AILA`s career advancement programs provide participants with comprehensive and detailed opportunities to enhance their skills in specific areas of immigration law and gain recognition within the AILA community.

(Start at a later date.) Information is provided through a rich mix of formats: video tutorials, how-to articles and notes, sample forms and letters, and quick reference resources such as charts, checklists, or templates. The course includes interactive elements such as discussion questions, practical exercises, quizzes and tests at the end of each module. Students must write a quality article approved by one of the immigration law faculties on an immigration law topic through a seminar, independent study, or legal journal. The article must develop and defend a thesis and demonstrate original thoughts and analyses. The document may be based on revisions of pleadings or other writings created as part of UC Davis Legal Clinics that meet drafting requirements. Students writing papers independently of a seminar must consult with one of the members of the Faculty of Immigration Law on paper topics from the outset and must submit a topic proposal to the supervising faculty member by May of their second year of law and submit a draft of the article by December of their third year. Specific deadlines must be set with your immigration law advisor. AILA`s Workplace Enforcement Online Course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of workplace enforcement issues for those who are new or want to learn more about this area. It covers the basics, but also several intermediate topics and also offers an in-depth overview of effective client advice. These include how to manage clients through form I-9 and acceptable documents (including all COVID exemptions), E-Verify login and strategies, how to manage an ICE audit, how to conduct internal audits, DOJ`s challenges and concerns on the construction site, and various other issues such as immigration policy and mergers and acquisitions. If you are new to the field or want to represent employers and learn the compliance and enforcement practices that have worked for experienced practitioners, this course is for you! Spanish for Lawyers at American University Washington College of Law features lawyers, lawyers, and law students with a high intermediate to advanced level of Spanish proficiency in Spanish legal concepts and intercultural communication in the context of U.S.

criminal law and U.S. immigration law. Through lectures, written assignments, and oral exercises, participants will practice a wide range of legal Spanish skills, from legal reading and writing strategies to oral presentation of essential legal issues. Classes are taught in Spanish. Applicants for admission to advanced certificate programs must hold a bachelor`s degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher from an accredited bachelor`s degree institution. WOL-124: Law Office Management – Systems, Procedures & Ethics Credits 3This course is designed for individuals who hold a law firm position, either as an employee of a law firm or as an entrepreneur who runs their own law firm/paralegal law firm. This course can be studied as a “stand-alone” course, but is particularly effective when studied in conjunction with a substantive area of law.