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Can You Legally Use Your Maiden Name and Married Name

My vehicle was co-owner of me and my first husband. When he died, I informed DMV, but I did not submit any documents as there was no name change at the time. OR would it be better to legally wait with the name change until the disability court is resolved? Hi Katie. The name on your W2 must match the name in your Social Security file. Your name change in documents — Social Security card, driver`s license, passport — should match the name on your marriage certificate, which is the hyphenated name. I`m just thinking of going back to Our Lady, if that`s the case. Do I have to go to court for that? Some people just don`t know if they`re ready for a name change. You can decide to change your legal name in some documents while deciding if you really want to change your name. You may even agree with the name change until you start signing documents and showing up with a brand new name.

If you`re considering changing your name — whether you`re taking your spouse`s last name, combining your names, or creating something new — expect to spend time and several hundred dollars on the change. Keep in mind that you need to update a potentially long list of official documents and accounts, including your own: so you may be willing to informally honor your maiden name in work environments and correspondence, but they will have to use your legal name for Social Security, taxes, etc. What about the Philippine identity system and passport renewal? Can I also use my maiden name with a unique status? Can I include my name as “firstname_maiden_husbands” on the birth certificate, even if it doesn`t match my legal documents? My daughter got married a few weeks ago. She still has her driver`s license and social security card in her maiden name, but she just bought a used car with her married name. The car only has temporary signs. I`m going to get married next month, but I`m afraid that if I don`t have my maiden name on my Social Security card and license, they won`t let me get married because I have to show them the final verdict because it will take me less than a year to divorce. Hello, I live in Massachusetts. I got married last month.

I used my husband`s name and maiden name on the marriage certificate. When I file my taxes, I can still only use my maiden name, as I have always done, leaving it as one that we file separately. Also, next year I will apply for early retirement, I can still use my maiden name as it says on my SS Hello Kristine card. If your divorce decree contains an order to retrieve your maiden name, you can use it to change it with WA DOL. Divorce records can be obtained from the Washington State Department of Health. It`s a good idea to change the name on your residency document so that your identity isn`t questioned during a name conflict. If you later try to sell your property, the name gap may delay the procedure. Verification is a avoidable effort. To be honest, I didn`t think about the options I had when it came to changing my last name after my wedding. A hyphenated surname would be Smith-Jones or Jones-Smith.

It`s up to you to choose the name that comes first. I am a doctor in Texas. When I moved here 8 years ago, I was laid off and started working under my maiden name. I got married 7 years ago and changed my name on the Social Security card 6 years ago – hyphen name: daughter-husband. However, I have never changed it on other documents and continue to work professionally under the maiden name. I put the marriage certificate on my husband`s last name so that it belonged to me, but after that, I never went to change it with the Social Security driver`s license, but when I applied for my green card, I put his last name like mine, but I changed it to nothing else, now I went through a divorce when I filed for divorce, I did not ask that my name be restored to my maiden name. When it comes to your passport, this could become a problem if your wedding name appears during the application process. It may appear now, but if it does, it can make things difficult. I have been using my maiden name professionally for 6 years without any problems.

But now my new employer doesn`t allow professional names and requires me to use my legal name within my new organization. But no one outside of my new organization can find me because they only know me by my maiden name. Hello, This page is very useful, thank you! I have a dilemma because I changed my name to my husband`s last name when we only got married on the marriage certificate 6 years ago. (I set his last name as a new last name.) However, I never changed anything else. If you`re already married and can`t find your marriage certificate, check out our guide on how to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Probably, the bank knows his legal name, but is willing to consider his name preference over checks, debit cards, etc. Otherwise, you`ll need to ask them if they accept documents other than your Social Security card to confirm your name, such as an affidavit. The last resort is to obtain a court-ordered name change to validate your maiden name. I never changed my maiden name on my NSS, but I added my ex-name to the driver`s license and changed my military entry to my ex-name when I got married, but I never changed it to my maiden name again after my divorce due to my children. What must I do? 1.

Do I need to open a bank account in my maiden name to accommodate my work as a notary? 2. Are there any legal consequences I need to consider if I open an account in my maiden name? I already had a marriage certificate, the philhealth status changed to be married with the ID, my SSS status had also changed, but my UMID is still single. Other identifiers like Pag-Ibig, TIN, Passport always maiden name and single. Another reason is personal branding. Many women who keep their maiden names do so because they marry later in life or at a time when their careers are already in full swing, and it could be risky – both professionally and financially – to change their name. This is due in part to the value of personal branding or, in simple terms, awareness. My SS card and U.S. passport reflect my maiden and spousal name with a hyphen. When I went to the DMV office to update my California driver`s license to match both the SS card and passport, the employee told me it was easier to provide my maiden name than my middle name. Apparently, hyphens are not allowed at this time (that was about 15 years ago). I have never had any problems, but I personally have to renew my driver`s license this year and I will ask for the real ID.

Can I separate my last name or can I just leave it as it is? I am applying for a new job and need to do a background check.