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The two-year legal battle between Fat Joe and Liza Rios finally ended this week when the two sides reached an agreement that Rios` Legal Counsel calls “just.” Manhattan, N.Y. – After years of social and legal back and forth, Fat Joe and Big Pun`s widow, Liza Rios, have finally reached an out-of-court settlement in their breach of contract case, according to Bossip. However, this isn`t the first legal hiccup for Walmart. More recently, 2Chainz accused the company of stealing its popular dabbin` Santa models. The rapper has threatened to take legal action against the deals, though it`s unclear if he actually succeeded. After years of media back and forth and legal wrangling, it seems that Fat Joe and Big Pun`s widow, Liza Rios, have finally reached friendly terms, at least financially. According to Bossip, the two sides agreed to a settlement following a $1 million lawsuit filed by Rios in 2014. The original lawsuit claimed that Fat Joe agreed to share all of the profits Big Pun made after his death, but Rios says she has not received any funds since 2005. In 2016, Fat Joe and Rios agreed to a confidential settlement in the legal war. This is the first time Pun`s wife has filed a lawsuit against a company or person concerning her husband.

She previously wanted to sue Fat Joe after accusing her of rejecting her on the silver rights to Pun`s music career, but never filed it. Fat Joe discovered Big Pun in the early 90s and placed it on his album Jealous One`s Envy in 1995. A second posthumous album was planned by Sony Music Entertainment in 2006, but was put on hold due to a dispute with producer John “Jellybean” Benitez, who owned the release rights to many planned album titles. [17] In June 2005, Liza Rios auctioned off her husband`s $100,000 Terror Squad medallion on eBay, citing financial difficulties because she did not receive royalties on Pun`s album sales. [18]. Fat Joe responded to Big Pun`s widow, Liza Ross, who repeatedly claimed that Joe had “stolen” the deceased rapper through their joint venture. Last year, Rios and his lawyer discussed the aforementioned lawsuit in a three-part interview with AllHipHop.com. On February 5, 2000, Rios withdrew from a Saturday Night Live concert with Fat Joe and Jennifer Lopez due to illness. Two days later, while staying with his family at a hotel in White Plains, New York, he suffered a heart attack and respiratory failure and was taken to the hospital where he died at the age of 28 after paramedics could not revive him.

His weight had peaked at 698 pounds (317 kg) at the time of his death. Rios is survived by his wife Liza and their three children.[13] Star, Vanessa and Christopher Jr.[14] In addition, the estate took control of Big Pun artists` accounts at Loud/Sony and Atlantic, which were not recovered. The return of music publishing rights and artist royalties was not a voluntary act of Fat Joe, but occurred as a result of the lawsuit against him. Joe blatantly denied the allegations of theft of the property and even dropped a comment for it in which he said, “@iamlizarios I never lost this case, I never owed you a penny, he still didn`t catch up with you when the judge asked you why I was here, I didn`t owe anything, just tell the truth, that`s all. Rios` lawyer, Lita Rosario, told Bossip she was satisfied with the settlement. “Your honor, the parties have reached an agreement,” said Fat Joe`s lawyer, Benjamin Stranzl. Rios was born in the South Bronx in New York, New York, of Puerto Rican descent. He grew up in the Soundview neighborhood and had at least two sisters and a brother. [5] [6] [1] He played basketball regularly and trained in boxing. [5]. Last year, Rios and his lawyer discussed the trial with AllHipHop.com and expressed disappointment with Fat Joe`s actions, especially since Pun and Joe were so close. The back and forth began in 2014 when Rios filed a lawsuit against Fat Joe who was seeking more than $1 million.

Rios claimed that she made a deal with Fat Joe to share the money earned after her untimely death in February 2000, but that she had not received any money from Joe since 2005. Fat Joe and his co-defendant, music publisher John “Jellybean” Benitez of Jelly`s Jams, reached an agreement with Rios to prevent the case from going to court. One of the greatest rappers in the Bronx was Punisher of the Terror Squad. His untimely death more than 21 years ago, on September 7. February 2000, caused a fracture in the world of hip-hop that has remained unmatched. On May 2, 2001, the New York City Council blocked plans to rename a small portion of Rogers Place in honor of aversion to Big Pun texts containing “blasphemy and references to violence and drug trafficking.” [16] He left his mother`s home at the age of 15 and was homeless for a time in the late 1980s. Later, he received a large settlement from the city, which was due to an incident in 1976 in which Rios broke his leg while playing in a park. [7].

[8] With the money from his settlement, Rios married his high school sweetheart Liza and the two moved into a house together. Following yesterday`s announcement, Rios lawyer Lita Rosario spoke with Bossip to explain her reaction to the settlement. Twitter/ IG: @RoundFaceRocko|| RockoRathon.com || Be cool on 22. In March 2021, the intersection of East Fordham Rd and Grand Concourse in his native Bronx was named “Big Pun Plaza” in honor of Pun. A ceremony with family, friends and local politicians preceded the name of the street. [19] In a follow-up comment, she also targeted N.O.R.E. for what he said. “I promise you that if you are dead and the one who signed you will take all the money that rightfully belonged to you, and leave your wife and children without anything and homeless, do not believe that your wife will fight for what belongs to you and your children,” she wrote. “Ask YOURSELF!! Please, I saw your wife, she`s not going to play that. Stop it Pun looks crazy about you! In addition, Liza denies Miss Jones` claims that Big Pun got her a percentage of her release.

Miss Jones` recent statement that she receives publishing income from Big Pun`s music publishing catalog is false and is not supported by documents that the estate received or received as part of the trial or that can be viewed on public music publishing websites. We ask Miss Jones to provide the estate with the documents to support her testimony, as these funds are a part of Big Pun`s estate. Christopher Lee Rios (born November 10, 1971 in New York City; † February 7, 2000,[2][3] better known by his stage name Big Pun (short for Big Punisher), was an American rapper and composer. When he emerged from the underground hip-hop scene in the New York Bronx in the early 1990s, he became known in the second half of the decade for his work with Fat Joe and the Terror Squad. Fat Joe or John Benitez were present at Wednesday`s hearing. He also recently started a war of words with former member of the Cuban Link terrorist squad, who accused Joe of being an informant in a murder investigation.