Mindel Scott

Best Urban Company Name

With the new brand, Urban Company is getting a little closer to this vision. The new brand sums up the company`s strategy of offering several types of services at home: in large cities, rooftops offer a big change from the busy streets below and will often treat anyone who ventures so far with a magnificent view of its urban jungle. “Release” suggests a calm and relaxing experience, making this name a good choice for a spa. Today, UrbanClap announced the creation of its new Urban Company brand. The new umbrella brand reflects the company`s ambition to be a horizontal gig market with a global presence and a leading position in the categories of beauty and wellness services and home repair and maintenance. While “City” firmly places your brand in an urban context often associated with high-pressure lifestyles, “Free” and “Spirit” give this name a resolutely positive and hassle-free energy. This could work well for an urban brand that prioritizes comfort and emotional well-being. This unusual name attracts attention due to the deliberate misspelling of “Density,” which cleverly contains the word “city.” “High density” is a concept associated with urban landscapes. Although somewhat unconventional, this name might work well for a real estate or architecture company. This super memorable name may seem catchy with the right font.

While “Civic” has a more serious sound, the more informal “Sips” softens that name, giving it an accessible and playful quality, making it a good choice for an urban-themed cocktail bar. It`s a great name for conveying to customers that your business embodies the spirit of the city. While “Urban” establishes a clear connection to the city, “Soulz” adds a relaxed touch that is amplified by the deliberate spelling mistake. This might work well for a lifestyle brand. The addition of “ia”, a suffix often used in the names of territories and plants, to “metropolitan”, gives this name a sense of authority and domination. This could work well for a number of companies that want to align with a distinctly urban style. If your business is focused on bright colors and has a great personality, this crazy and powerful name is for you. While “Urban” simply balances your business with life in a big city, “Blaster” has a reinforcing effect and conveys ideas of exuberance and burgeoning noise. Urban Company is a pioneer in providing the highest quality services by providing intensive training and selecting world-class products.

Currently, Urban Company is live with salon and spa services in Riyadh that include services such as waxing, facials, nails, eyelash extensions, hairdressing and massage, all of which will be expanded to Jeddah by the end of this year. The repetition of the “R” makes this name funny to say and makes it roll out of the tongue with ease. While “High-Rise” suggests that your business has something to do with tall buildings, “Ready” creates a sense of anticipation. This might work well for a city-focused real estate business. This name combines two opposing concepts to create an attention-grabbing name. While “Concrete” sounds cold and boring, reminiscent of images of gray buildings, “Forest” creates associations with a lush, green environment, giving it fresh and fascinating energy. This name is simple and short, but it has a twist and conjures up images of a wild city asking to be explored. Whether your business is a spa that offers a quiet forest getaway in the city center or a restaurant that offers bold fusion cuisine, this name will pique the curiosity of passers-by.

Founded in November 2014, Urban Company is Asia`s largest technology market for home services. The company offers services such as beauty and spa at home, cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, equipment repair, painter, etc. through its mobile app and website. It operates in more than 50 cities in India, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has a partner network of more than 32,000 hand-picked service professionals, empowered by training, technology, financial services, tools, product sourcing, insurance and a host of other ecosystem enablers, making them organized, high-quality micro-entrepreneurs. This full-stack approach helps the company deliver on its promise to provide high-quality and delicious services at home. The company`s mission is to enable millions of professionals around the world to deliver engaging customer experiences. Soft and simple, this name clearly conveys the idea of accommodation in the city. This might work well for a small city hotel or travel agency that specializes in city breaks. Alliteration makes this name very memorable. This alliterative name is easy to remember and sounds energetic and passionate. Combining the emotionally charged term “soul” with “citified” creates a powerful statement that conveys your company`s urban style with fervor and pride.