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Best Ip Law Firm Singapore

Clifford Chance is one of the world`s leading law firms with 29 offices in 20 countries and approximately 3,200 legal advisors. At Clifford Chance, we are committed to providing first-class service – providing efficient and effective advice and support of the highest quality at all times. Our customers are at the heart of the way we work. […] Rajah and Tann is considered one of the largest and best IP law firms in Singapore with over 360 lawyers, most of whom are considered the best in their own areas of expertise. Some of the legal services offered are commercial law, criminal law, corporate law, asset recovery and, of course, intellectual property law. Intellectual property is one of the five key divisions of the full-service legal group Lee & Lee. Tee Jim Tan SC put the firm on the map when it comes to patents, as one of only two senior lawyers in Singapore specializing in negotiating intellectual property cases. One of Tan`s most recent triumphs was a patent infringement case in which he successfully represented patent holder Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials before the High Court and the Court of Appeal – the case continues in the damage assessment. The “efficient and knowledgeable” Yee Swan Boo is an important point of contact for patent granting. “We have always received high-quality services in a timely manner,” notes one foreign employee. Maurice Cheong, maven in technology transfer, maintains a busy transaction practice. Spruson & Ferguson`s operations in Singapore are far from being an outpost, but a true regional hub.

More than 100 employees, led by more than 30 patent attorneys, patent scientists and engineers, are responsible for more patent applications in Singapore than any other law firm. Spruson`s, part of Australia-listed IPH Limited, is also the main agent for PCT filings in Singapore. Kristian Robinson leads the vessel for the group`s largest Asian office, which also provides design and other services to neighboring jurisdictions, including Malaysia and Indonesia. His own strength lies in biology and chemistry, and he has a trans-Tasmanian qualification. The company has a strong practice on the engineering and information and communication technology side, while its list of customers in the chemical and life sciences sectors is a who`s who of innovators. According to a local practitioner, Maik Brinkmann and Ee Lin “are probably the best biotech and pharmaceutical patenting team in Singapore.” Lin also handles the firm`s Malaysian practice, while Brinkmann holds European and German patent attorney patents. “Chung Nian Lam is a well-known name in Singaporean legal counsel, the depth of his knowledge of local IP law is unmatched. You can always count on him to give clear and concise advice that goes to the root of the problem and help clients achieve their goals or make an informed decision to take a different path. He is very professional and yet friendly. His team reflects the same qualities. We have had a close relationship with his law firm for many years and have always received only first-class advice. Other outstanding personalities who share his qualities include his partner Kylie Peh, his senior partner Ling Yee and his partner Karen Lai.

Founded in 1989, Drew & Napier has built a reputation as one of Singapore`s most trusted intellectual property companies. It aims to serve clients by offering them a wide range of services that would guide them in their legal situation. Tan Lee & Partners is considered one of the intellectual property firms in Singapore and offers a variety of legal services. Some of these services include intellectual property, divorce, estate, criminal law, transfer and much more. RHTLaw Asia LLP is a full-service intellectual property law firm that deals with the registration, protection and commercial use of intellectual property. The team focuses on technology and food and beverage, while the customer base includes both Singaporean companies and multinationals from China, Japan and the United States. Since jonathan Kok`s departure, the team has been led by Rizwi Wun. Quality rather than quantity is the mantra of McLaughlin IP Pte Ltd, a small law enforcement store run by founder Michael McLaughlin and senior partner Eric Lee. Working for a select group of clients allows the duo, along with several other associate lawyers, to provide tailored and detail-oriented solutions for patent applicants. Colleagues who hire McLaughlin praise this approach. “His work for my biggest client has been excellent. What I really appreciate is the added value it offers.

He understands that my client has business considerations that guide his patent filing strategy and he provides invaluable advice on how to promote these business interests by aligning PCT applications with Singapore`s legal framework. McLaughlin IP`s agile and responsive nature makes it an ideal partner for high-flying start-ups that are on their way to patent protection. The company partnered with Grabtaxi Holdings, Southeast Asia`s first “Dekacorn,” to create and manage a global patent portfolio, a collaboration that has led to a significant increase in development and filing. Ghows LLC was founded in October 2019 by Taylor Vinters` former partner, Bryan Ghows. The team`s work includes both contentious and non-contentious work, with a particular focus on arbitration. The practice is particularly active in the fields of technology, media and telecommunications. Ghows has “extensive and strong technical experience in intellectual property and technology” with over 35 years of experience in intellectual property law. The firm is praised by its clients for its “very personal approach”. Ella Cheong LLC is a leading intellectual property (IP) law firm in Singapore and Asia. We are committed to valuing your intellectual property and offering a full range of intellectual property services to meet the different requirements throughout the intellectual property value chain.

Our expertise ranges from the prosecution and enforcement of trademarks, patents, domain names and designs to the development of effective IP strategies for the protection, management and commercialization of your intellectual property. Drew & Napier LLC, a full-service law firm, is uniquely known for representing clients in contested intellectual property proceedings. The firm`s activities in legal disputes include proceedings for infringement of property rights, opposition, nullity and non-return proceedings as well as transfer actions. Tony Yeo is a leader in healthcare and life sciences with nearly 30 years of experience in the field, while Yvonne Tang handles contentious and non-contentious issues. Siau Wen Lim also has extensive practice, as does Meryl Koh. And that concludes our list of the best ip lawyers in Singapore. If you have more options in mind, feel free to share them with us and we could just add them to our own list! Donaldson & Burkinshaw LLP, a full-service intellectual property law firm, advises clients on the registration, protection and commercial use of trademarks. The team is led by Michelle See Hui Ng, Hubert Giam and Lim Teck Yeow. Managing Partner Ng handles contentious and non-contentious IP work, while Teck Yeow`s practice focuses on the life sciences sector and advises Giam on mechanical and electrical patent work. “Qualified expertise in patent law at the partner level. As far as I know, no other local SG law firm has this (apart from patent law firms). The full-service behemoth WongPartnership LLP is characterized by its strong business orientation and is therefore a natural choice for patent matters with a pronounced transactional propensity.

The best IP lawyer is the “respected” Chung Nian Lam, who “provides clients with high-quality advice and is always aware of their financial situation.” As a patent attorney whose responsibilities also extend to areas such as data protection, cybersecurity, and fintech, Lam is more familiar with intellectual property franchising and licensing agreements than almost anyone else. He is active in various high-tech fields and firmly rooted in the world of patents and is Vice President of the Singapore Chapter of the Asian Patent Attorney Association. Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow is a key hub in the global network of more than 150 patent attorneys and agents. Innovators look directly to the company for Singapore`s laws, and many rely on it to coordinate bids in the Southeast Asia region. “The team has excellent domain knowledge, is highly responsive and provides well-thought-out advice on any topic – and understands clients` needs and adapts their legal strategies accordingly. Andy Leck leads the Intellectual Property Practice Group, formulates dispute resolution strategies and undertakes complex briefings on franchise, pharmaceutical and media partnership transactions. On the prosecutor`s side, Abe Sun has expertise in a variety of technologies, including hardware, software, AI and blockchain. Sun is also pursuing applications not only in Singapore, but also in the United States, Europe and various Asian jurisdictions. Ren Jun Lim advises you on all aspects of healthcare and has in-depth knowledge of overlapping intellectual property and regulatory issues. The site`s evaluation capabilities set it apart from the crowd: it is currently the only law firm to be appointed to the panel of reviewers of Singapore`s groundbreaking IP financing program.

“A new company with a lot of experience behind it.” Mirandah Law is one of the few ip law firms in Singapore, which is why it is part of our list of the best IP lawyers in Singapore.