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Our international team has a long history of helping lawyers find legal jobs in Bermuda. It is a small market that benefits from a certain type of approach. This is not a place to market your resume in bulk. Whether you`re early in the process looking for information or ready to accept your application, contact Jason or Charlotte: When you fill your available legal positions, we take a holistic approach to the entire identification and recruitment process. We only present the most suitable candidates for your exam, taking into account a number of factors such as qualifications, experience, personality and cultural suitability. Want to improve your legal career in Bermuda? Do you have legal jobs available that require leadership skills? Contact our specialized recruiters today. Bermuda has long been established as an international hub for financial services and is particularly regarded as the jurisdiction of choice for the insurance industry and a major hub for mutual funds and trusts. The legal sector has performed well in recent years, as several new entrants have created opportunities outside of the traditional “Big Two”. The work here is cross-border, high-quality, complex and challenging, and lawyers tend to thrive in small teams with increased contact with clients. View corporate/finance/funds details (5-8pqe) – Bermuda Bermuda is also suitable for singles, couples and small families. Permits are not issued to persons accompanied by more than two children.

There are plenty of upscale restaurants and traditional English and Irish pubs to choose from, and a large number of traditional British shops line the cobbled streets of Hamilton. There is a lively social and night scene and the crime rate is low. There is a consistent demand for qualified Commonwealth lawyers (usually in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada) with a minimum of three years required for a work permit. You probably have references in a good onshore/international company with experience in corporate law, funds, insurance (contested or non-contentious), commercial litigation or trusts. Bermuda offers a range of employment opportunities for qualified individuals who have specific expertise. In particular, there are a number of banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and law firms on the island, many of which need qualified staff for their available financial and legal positions. The country has a strong trade infrastructure, a high standard of living and a pristine natural environment. NEW 2022/3: rare junior lawyer in corporate law or finance for the aspiring partner looking for a change of life (sun and sea to begin with!). The company L. Bermuda is served by a very efficient public transport system of buses and water taxis that circulate literally by the minute. Since the journeys are short and cars can be quite expensive, scooters are the most popular means of transport. We are aware of a wide range of disputes in several jurisdictions with many of the world`s largest offshore law firms.

Due to the limited supply, accommodation in Bermuda is quite expensive. A reasonably central and furnished two-bed cottage costs between $3,000 and $5,000, which means singles tend to share, and families who need something bigger should do their research before applying. Companies consider these costs when setting salary levels and usually help with the search for property, as good deals are usually found by word of mouth. Strict government restrictions make it extremely expensive and virtually impossible for expats to buy real estate. Bermuda is Britain`s oldest overseas territory and is located in a beautiful part of the Atlantic Ocean, 1046 km east of North Carolina. It has a total land mass of about 54 km² distributed between the four main islands (connected by small bridges) and more than 130 other smaller islands and islets. The island`s culture consists of a unique blend of old-world colonial charm and its vibrant African heritage. Bermuda has a population of about 66,000 people and enjoys the highest per capita income in the world. The capital and main financial centre is Hamilton, which is centrally located on the largest island in Hamilton Harbour.

International business accounts for more than 60% of Bermuda`s total economic output, while the luxury tourism market accounts for 28%. AP Executive was mandated exclusively on behalf of a shareholder company of a large fund company in Zurich to recruit senior legal counsel. The Zurich-based role is suitable for a practicing Swiss lawyer or a professionally qualified Swiss Funds lawyer with a minimum of 7 years. Bermuda is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina, and is both far from anywhere and surprisingly well connected at the same time. Much of the East Coast of the United States is a short flight away, making it an easy weekend getaway. Not that you`ll be in a hurry to leave. It`s regularly at the top of lists of the world`s most sought-after places, and with its year-round mild climate, idyllic beaches, luxury resorts, and bags steeped in history, it`s not hard to see why. A large offshore law firm is looking for qualified Commonwealth litigators (lawyers and lawyers) of high level with a minimum of 3 years of PQE for their expansion. This multi-jurisdictional offshore firm is looking for an experienced commercial insurance lawyer to join one of the leading teams in one of the world`s leading insurance markets, Bermuda. NEW London 2022/3: A reputable global practice in the U.S. with deep pockets is looking for a generalist commercial intellectual property partner who does NOT need follow-up. Exceptional Offshore Fund Practice is looking for employees who wish to start an exciting career in their outstanding Practice in the British Virgin Islands.

View details Litigation and Bankruptcy Lawyers – Multiple Offshore Opportunities If you want to cultivate your legal career in Bermuda, AP Executive is here to help. We have close ties to the island and access to the latest legal positions, many of which have not yet been announced. By using the services of our firm Legal Executive Search, you are in a strong position to land the job of your dreams. NEW 2023: NQ / Newly qualified. It`s rare for us to do NQ work, but for this company, we are. This super popular niche company is part of the Elit. NEW 2022/3: A senior partner in DR/conventional arbitration is required for its global business headquartered in London. Your experience woul. Versatile company required to run the Bermudic law firm.

Interesting work for a wide range of national/international clients. Great views. View details NEW: NQ+ Funds/Banking/Finance, Newly Qualified, London A leading international trading company is looking for an experienced commodities lawyer to lead its commodities law department. The position will be located in Switzerland, but a legal qualification in common law is a prerequisite. The role involves the implementation of all aspects of legal services that focus on. This role offers a good corporate lawyer the opportunity to join a team with impressive credentials and advise international clients on the offshore elements of high-quality corporate transactions. Level 1 law firm BVI is looking for an ambitious lawyer for its world-class dispute resolution team. Excellent work and excellent career development offered. Looking for the latest legal positions in Bermuda? Look no further than AP Executive. Our talented executive legal recruiters understand the intricacies of the industry and have what it takes to enable your business to thrive and succeed. The reputable business law firm in Bermuda is looking for a corporate lawyer with 3 years or more of PQE.

Bermuda still has a very strong British influence, so it is not surprising that there are many cricket, rugby, football, tennis and golf clubs. The crystal clear waters offer an abundance of water sports. Sailing and fishing are very popular and there are many good dives on reefs and wrecks. The pink sand beaches are world famous and there are more than 120 km of spectacular coastline to explore.