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Types of research methodological frameworks. Definition of the variable system Legal bases of research. Theoretical foundations Structure of a research project Quantitative research Quantitative research “measures what the medium is Information and research analysis c Legal bases are official documents that prevent both the brand and the participant from all actions related to an online PhD. Thanks to these types of documents, several legal aspects of a contest are described in detail, for example: These documents usually contain modalities, rules and consequences, so that the use of this information on the Internet can be controlled. It is designed to protect the user`s privacy and give you better control over how and when you want to communicate with a digital company, such as: when sending newsletters when it is necessary to give permission or consent to save an email address in the shipping database. Legal bases are a set of official documents used to prevent both parties involved in an online promotion: the brand and the participant. They are used to detail all legal aspects of a contest, as well as additional details such as the origin, the development of that contest and any aspects that may be of interest to any interested party. It is important that good and correct legal bases are always generated, I recommend that you also talk to lawyers about this, as this will allow you to ensure correct compliance with the guidelines for contests and sweepstakes. I would also like to point out that laws may vary from country to country. For example, in Spain, the LOPD (Data Protection Law) is always highlighted. According to Villafranca D. (2002), “the legal bases are nothing more than laws that legally support the development of the project”, explains that the legal bases “are laws, regulations and rules required in certain investigations whose purpose justifies it”. The purpose of the legal bases is to provide information on the need for participants to have a prize draw or contest.

They are used to ensure that they know how to proceed, what deadlines are met and what rules apply to them. In any case, in the event of an incident of any kind, there are no problems with the public due to the realization of movements of dubious reliability. Legal basis for the investigation. It is the series of documents of a legal nature that serve as referential testimony and support for the research carried out. Some of the legal documents that can be named are: There are ways to legally protect yourself when dealing with a product online, as there is always the possibility of plagiarism or inconvenience with users. To combat this, large companies on the Internet and in states enter into a number of agreements or legal bases to protect both trademarks and users. Some of the legal documents that can be named are: The legal framework is a crucial element of the national guarantee system that should be used to support the implementation and protection of the guarantees defined/adopted by Mexico. Since this is something that depends on both the website they will appear on and the country they are in, there is a lot to read about legal bases, especially if you are trying to create a robust and well-explanatory foundation.

For this reason, we leave you two interesting links that can help you learn a little more about them and their implementation in competitions: these are official and legal documents that are used when it is necessary to protect both parties in a negotiation, when it comes to content marketing, it consists of a number of laws or regulations, which protect owners from plagiarism or copies of original works. Similarly, these resources generally vary depending on the country of origin of the website`s lP address as well as the platforms they use. The theoretical basis is a structure on which the study is built, without which it is not known which elements can and cannot be taken into account. Without a good theoretical basis, any instrument designed or selected, or any technique used in the study, has no validity. Its objective is to establish the principles, general principles and procedures aimed at protecting and ensuring transparency and the human right of access to public information held by taxable persons. Legal Foundations of the Birth of Venezuela as an Independent Nation (1830) During the drafting of the Constitution of May 6, 1830, the Constituent Congress of Valencia laid the foundations that gave legal and juridical validity to the separation of Venezuela from the Republic of Colombia. Legal bases It consists of a number of documents of a legal nature that serve as a reference witness and support for the investigation that we conduct, among these documents we have: norms, laws, regulations, decrees, resolutions, and we usually find them in: the Official Gazette, in which we must indicate their number and date of issue, laws approved by the legislature, in the minutes approved by the boards of directors, in registers, at notaries, when it comes to . According to the previous definition, legal bases are all laws that must be associated with study research, articles must be copied as is, and as an end goal, to paraphrase them with the relationship they have with research. In general, they bring together a number of basic aspects to dispel the doubts of the participants. The aspects usually covered in these bases are those that we will list below: as mentioned in the previous section, legal bases serve as a support to protect owners from plagiarism on the Internet. However, it can also be traced back to other scenarios, for example with regard to the protection of user data.

In this case, the resource it supports in the European Union is the General Data Protection Regulation. The legal framework provides us with the basis on which institutions are built and determines the scope and nature of political participation. The legal bases cite the rules, regulations, codes and others used in the thesis. The hierarchy of one law in relation to the other must be taken into account. AnswerDelete replies Reply InĂ©s Pino5. December 2012, 4:42 To quote the theoretical foundations, we must take into account: The pyramid of Kelsen, (Ramos, 2011) It is a strict legal method. The theoretical framework is the presentation of the series of researches, theories and concepts on which a research paper is based. It contains the context, theoretical foundations and concepts that are at the heart of our work. In each draw you search for in the networks or in which you wish to participate, you will find countless different legal bases. According to Arias (1999), they form: “A set of concepts and statements that represent a particular point of view or approach to explaining the phenomenon or problem.” Save my name, email address, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The most common definitions in online marketing. Through this category, you can learn and discover what these terms or abbreviations mean that you don`t know. An example that can be useful is the one we explained in one of our posts as part of the information offered on Facebook (social networks are essential to give visibility to a campaign of this type): information from the theoretical foundations can be selected in: a) encyclopedias, b) dictionaries, c) computer programs, (d) brochures, (e) brochures, (f) diptyches, (g) journals, (h) journals. Its nature and content may vary depending on the country in which the initiative is implemented. For example, according to the regulations implemented in the European Union, it is necessary to dedicate a section that talks about the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the explicit consent that both parties must give. “}}, {“@type”:”Question”,”name”: “What is it for?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”📌:”. Solidarity, reciprocity, respect, complementarity, harmony, transparency, balance, social and gender equality in participation, the common good, responsibility, social justice and the distribution and redistribution of social products and goods to live well. The commune is a form of popular social, political and economic organization of a local and participatory nature1 in which individuals manage various institutions of self-government to meet and regulate their common needs in order to be self-sufficient as much as possible. They are undoubtedly an element not to be missed when launching an advertising campaign as part of a contest or a draw.

It is highly recommended, if not mandatory, that they be presented in conjunction with the development and corresponding explanations for participants when establishing the rules. How do I run contests on Facebook? Improve your social media campaign Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with an *. To organize it, it is recommended to divide it into two parts, international legislation and national legislation. At the same time, you need to create another subdivision, in which you classify the rules according to their characteristic, that is, open subtitles as follows: laws.