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Sadir Kist, composer – Boby Cytter, composer – Cleiton Roberto, composer – Banda Legal, MainArtist – ACIT RS, MusicPublisher. In the late 1960s, a group of young Brazilian artists rose up against the ruling military junta by fusing local pop music, rock and the avant-garde. Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Os Mutantes and their friends invented Tropicália, one of the most original musical adventures of the 20th century. Download Qobuz apps for smartphones, tablets and computers and listen to your purchases wherever you go. Clayton, FeaturedArtist – Reny De Oliveira, FeaturedArtist – Flávio Dalcin, FeaturedArtist – Lamarque, FeaturedArtist – Rogério Magrão, FeaturedArtist – Vanderlei Rodrigo, FeaturedArtist – Cleiton Roberto, FeaturedArtist – Banda Legal, MainArtist. Chiquinho, FeaturedArtist – Banda Legal, MainArtist. Listen to this album now in high quality on our apps Carlos Colla, Composer – Cesar Augusto, Composer – WARNER/CHAPPELL, MusicPublisher – Chico Roque, Composer – Augusto Cesar, Composer – Odair Jose, Composer – Mário Soares, Composer – Douglas Maio, Composer – Sony, MusicPublisher – Universal MGB, MusicPublisher – Banda Legal, MainArtist – EDITORA LATINO (WARNER/CHAPPELL), MusicPublisher – Jose Riibeiro, The modernist genius of composer Picasso has quickly developed over the course of the Pictorial and widespread in music and dance, two art forms with which the Spanish painter has always had a close relationship, to the point of influencing the composer friends he met along the way. Banda Legal, MainArtist – Adão Antonelo, FeaturedArtist. Universal, MusicPublisher – Banda Legal, MainArtist – Marquinhos Marraial, Composer. A combination of Jamaican dancehall, American hip-hop, Caribbean rhythms and Spanish spirit, reggaeton has shaken the world of pop music many times since its birth in the early 90s.

From dj Playero`s first mixtapes to Daddy Yankee`s “Barrio Fino” to Don Chezina`s “Tra-Tra-Tra”,” Puerto Rican musicians and their Colombian counterparts in Medellin have gone out of their way to conquer the world. Over the past decade, that`s what they`ve done thanks to artists like Luis Fonsi, J. Balvin and Bad Bunny. Read on for 10 of the most important albums of the genre. Reggaeton won`t go anywhere in the foreseeable future. Banda Legal, MainArtist – ACIT RS, MusicPublisher – Joel Antes, Composer Since the Tuareg band Tinariwen released their first official album entitled “The Radio Tisdas Sessions” in 2002, their guitar-soaked electric music has become a rock category – recognized and respected from Bamako to Los Angeles. This international success has allowed many musicians from the Sahara to make their music heard. And Western rockers have often been drawn to this poetic music emanating from sand dunes and rocky expanses. COLETÂNEA LEGAL (feat.

Public Connection Gravadora) Ronaldo Adriano, Composer – Mangabinha, Composer – Peermusic, MusicPublisher – Banda Legal, MainArtist – ACIT RS, MusicPublisher – Zé Russo, Composer – Joel Antes, Composer. Enjoy this album on Qobuz apps with your subscription Rooted in dance and ultimately in its own art movement, the history of tango is epic; And its future seems truly limitless. A musical genre with hybrid origins, it remains one of the most incredible creations that have emerged from the Río de la Plata. “This is the only thing on which we do not ask Europe`s opinion,” wrote The Argentine Macedonio Fernández, the man whom the young Jorge Luis Borges admired “to the point of his pious and passionate plagiarism.” A series of coincidences in the late 19th century led to this style of music. As musicologist Carlos Vega said, “No one really tried to create tango.” And yet, here it is; Complete with its own traditions and innovations, as well as its own golden age, unfortunate artists, myths and rituals. Tobias, Composer – Banda Legal, MainArtist – ACIT RS, MusicPublisher. Buy an album or a single track. Or listen to our entire catalog with our high-quality unlimited streaming subscriptions. Since its founding in the late 1950s, bossa-nova has become an indispensable part of Brazilian music.

The strong evocative power of the style convinced artists from all over the world and deserved to be recognized by many first-class musicians whose works are now considered classics.