Mindel Scott

Are Blue Lights on Cars Legal

Hello, I currently live in California. I installed interior and exterior lighting under the car. What lights can I have that are good? Flashing lights from emergency vehicles are most often seen on police cars, ambulances and fire trucks. If these vehicles are moving in response to an emergency, they must be allowed to move faster than other cars on the road. The flashing of emergency vehicle lights as well as sirens guarantees this. First responders who work full-time with departments and drive agency vehicles typically don`t think twice about the legality of lighting their ambulance. However, there is a group of first responders who keep wondering if they fall within the scope of the act. Volunteer firefighters, dive crews, doctors, coroners, volunteer paramedics, and many companies that use warning vehicles in their daily activities often wonder if they can use the lights and sirens of rescue vehicles on their vehicles. There are great laws associated with the use of this type of equipment, and the laws vary from state to state. Here we will review the basic guidelines for this type of equipment and who is allowed to use it. The only vehicles allowed to display blue lights in Florida are police or law enforcement vehicles, or other vehicles operated by an emergency department or under the control of an emergency department that is actively responding to an emergency in Florida. In many states, the different colors of lights used by emergency medical services, police, and other first responders can vary from state to state.

If a red light can be for an ambulance in one state, it can be the main color of light of the police in another state. Most people don`t know that each state regulates the corresponding colors of emergency lights, which are allowed on all vehicles. These laws include emergency police, firefighters and rescuers, ambulances and other first responders, as well as taxis, buses, and commercial and non-commercial road traffic. If you or someone you know has been arrested for having blue lights on their car in Florida, call our office for a free strategy session. Not all white lights in emergency vehicles are common on the road and are not usually used by drivers of emergency vehicles. If you see an all-white emergency vehicle light on the road instead, it`s likely a warning vehicle. Caution vehicles are driven by utilities, construction companies, storm chasers and a few others. As these vehicles are not emergency vehicles, these drivers cannot demand the right of way from other drivers and must comply with all traffic rules. First of all, when you think of a warning light or police lights, what color comes to mind? Well, your answer will depend on the state you live in. While some states use red flashing lights on law enforcement vehicles, other states may use blue — and others may still use a wetsuit.

And even then, some states use white and amber lights — though the orange color is usually limited to shining only at the back of the vehicle. So in one state you may be able to use flashing blue light, but in another – it could put you in serious hot water. Other states, such as Michigan, do not allow the use of flashing, oscillating, or rotating lights on the body of a car driven on public roads that is not expressly required or permitted by Michigan Highway Traffic Act, with the exception of emergency and other vehicles. Florida Statute 316.2397 specifically prohibits all vehicles that are not police vehicles from displaying blue lights. Let`s take the example of Florida`s laws and regulations regarding the use of police lights. First, state laws have defined the control of the use of colored lights on all vehicles on public roads. You can only use visible red or blue lights at the front of your car if you are driving a private vehicle, for example. In Florida, police vehicles — as well as the local fire department, ambulances, and departments of environmental protection, transportation, agriculture, and consumer services — are allowed to use red flashing lights. And, to be clear, red lights can only be used in an emergency.