Mindel Scott

August Lunch & Learn

Here at Mindel Scott, we’re big fans of Lunch & Learn Meetings and try to host one every month or every other month. It gives our staff a chance to get together, enjoy lunch, and learn about something new. For the month of August, our Lunch & Learn topic was Cyber-Security and we enlisted David Hastings of DH Networking to facilitate the meeting.

Essentially, Cyber Security is the protection of computer systems and the data they store.  As hackers get more and more sophisticated and talented, cyber-attacks often look legitimate on the surface. We thought it was important to educate our employees on cyber risks and threats such as malware, ransomware, malicious attachments and phishing. As employees, and individuals, being aware of cyber threats is the first step in ensuring cyber safety.

See below for key take-aways from the meeting: