Mindel Scott

MINDEL SCOTT for Kentucky Wounded Heroes!

Our latest charity drive was working with The Middletown Chamber of Commerce. Appropriately, the event occurred over the Fourth of July Holiday. While working through a very busy week, the employees of Mindel Scott arranged to have a donation box placed in the office.  The beautifully decorated box was used to collect items for KENTUCKY WOUNDED HEROES, a non-profit organization whose mission statement reflects a powerful service.  As stated on their website, their mission is “To honor and empower the emotional wellness of military service members, police, fire, and emergency medical respondents through activities, programs, and services.”

Throughout the week, our donation box level grew.  It included a collection of candy, snacks, canned goods, and personal care items.  For this event, we knew in advance that all items were going to ship overseas to American military members.

MINDEL SCOTT is very proud of our participation in this event.  We wish to thank the Middletown Chamber of Commerce, particularly Ms. Laura Wright, the Assistant Executive Director, for her help arranging the event.